ROME (AP) – Luciano Pavarotti has pulled out of a concert planned for Saturday in Monterrey, Mexico, after contracting laryngitis, his manager said.

After coming down with laryngitis last week, Pavarotti “talked to his voice specialist and he was told to rest his voice for at least 10 days,” manager Terri Robson said.

He had been due to perform in a “Three Tenors” concert with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. Robson said the Monterrey concert would go ahead despite Pavarotti’s cancellation.

The 69-year-old singer is in New York, where he’ll have neck surgery later this month for a separate problem, Robson said. The planned procedure has forced Pavarotti to cancel a concert in Toledo, Spain, and reschedule several others that were part of his “Farewell Tour.”

Sizemore works on sobriety

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Actor Tom Sizemore, who was convicted of domestic violence against former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, says he recently turned down an acting job in Thailand to concentrate on overcoming his drug abuse problems.

“I want it to be over – for me – for this nightmare of drug abuse to be over with and to get on with my career,” he said Thursday.

Sizemore, 43, arrived at Superior Court for a hearing on whether he violated his probation. He could be sent to prison for up to three years if found in violation, said Deputy District Attorney Sean Carney.

The hearing was postponed until June 22 so prosecutors could subpoena a witness.

Outside court, Sizemore told reporters he is serious about overcoming his substance abuse problems and said he turned down a role in “The Fifth Commandment,” which was to be filmed in Thailand.

Sizemore, who has starred in the films “Black Hawk Down” and “Saving Private Ryan,” said he’s been drug-free for three weeks.

Asked when he finds it hardest to stay clean, he replied, “When I’m awake.”

Jackie Chan fights piracy

HONG KONG (AP) – Jackie Chan battled copyright pirates, smashing fake designer watches with a hammer and using a chain saw to destroy a street-side stand hawking counterfeit bags and clothes.

The skit about Chan breaking up a counterfeit sales operation was organized by the International Trademark Association.

“It may be funny to watch our skit. But there’s nothing funny about counterfeits,” Chan said Thursday. He said piracy is seriously damaging the film industry in Hong Kong.

“Looking at the counterfeit problem, it really hurts,” the 51-year-old action star said. “We used to make 300 movies a year here in Hong Kong. Now there are maybe 50 a year.”

Chan, whose Hollywood movies include the “Rush Hour” films, used a flurry of karate chops against four assailants wearing Jackie Chan masks. He also cut a tie in half with scissors and ripped apart a pair of counterfeit shoes with his hands.

The trademark association said counterfeiting is an industry with a global market value of $500 billion. It produces goods ranging from baby formulas and DVDs to automotive and aviation parts.

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