LOS ANGELES (AP) – Not even award shows are safe from ridicule at the MTV Movie Awards.

The ceremony known for its lighthearted celebration and skewering of films and actors turned on itself Saturday night, jabbing at everything from acceptance speech advocacy to booming TV announcers.

Ben Stiller won best villain for his role as a menacing gym owner in “Dodgeball” and raised an egg in his hand to demonstrate the evils of high cholesterol.

“Take a look at this little fella. He’s killed more people than all the Hollywood bad guys combined,” Stiller said. “Crush cholesterol now!”

Host Jimmy Fallon got into a heated verbal argument with the disembodied show announcer, who said he would fight Fallon in person. But when a masked man ran out onstage and Fallon knocked him down some steps, the announcer revealed: “You just killed Frankie Muniz.”

In another segment, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn coached a young man on how to get into parties, but their pupil was stopped and beaten by a bouncer at the MTV Awards red carpet.

Eminem referenced his run-in with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at a past award show by mimicking the puppet to tease Lindsay Lohan.

“You like to remake movies,” he said, referencing “Freaky Friday” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded.” “What are you going to remake next, ‘Glitter’?”

There was also a rare hint of nostalgia in evidence as the youth-focused cable network gave out its first lifetime achievement award to Tom Cruise and honored the 1985 film “The Breakfast Club.”

Cruise accepted the award from girlfriend Katie Holmes, who poked fun at his “Oprah” appearance by dropping down on one knee in celebration and asking the crowd, “Should I go get him?”

Laughing, Cruise moved slowly through his remarks and told yelling audience members, “Let me speak.”

“If I’ve been able to entertain you at all, OK, then, I thank you for allowing me to do so,” he said.

Hilary Swank introduced a reunion of four members of “The Breakfast Club” cast, saying the film about students brought together in high school detention reflected “the good, the bad and the ugly of teenage wasteland.”

Star Molly Ringwald said the movie was made “for the MTV generation. We made it for you!”

“I had no idea that we would be here 20 years later and it would still mean so much,” she said.

Dustin Hoffman, in accepting his award for comedic performance for “Meet the Fockers,” said he was making an effort to keep in touch with the younger generation by copying Eminem. He stepped away from the podium and grabbed his crotch between each thank-you.

Rachel McAdams took home three awards, including breakthrough female performance for her role as the meanest of “Mean Girls” and best kiss for her rain-soaked smooch with Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook.” The two recreated the kiss on stage and Gosling gushed, “Look, it was my pleasure.”

McAdams’ third award, for on-screen team, was shared with “Mean Girls” co-star Lohan, who also received the award for best female performance.

“Watch out for the paparazzi,” said Lohan, who hosted last year’s show and was slightly injured when a celebrity photographer crashed into her Mercedes-Benz last week.

“Napoleon Dynamite” was named best movie and star Jon Heder received two awards: breakthrough male performance and best musical performance for his awkward talent-show dance moves set to a Jamiroquai song.

“I want to thank Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Justin Timberlake,” Heder said, referring to the inspirations for his dance moves.

Other winners included Leonardo DiCaprio for male performance in “The Aviator” and Daryl Hannah and Uma Thurman for best fight in “Kill Bill Vol. 2.”

Child actress Dakota Fanning won best frightened performance in “Hide and Seek,” saying of her Golden Popcorn trophy, “This is the best popcorn I’ve ever had.”

Cruise carried Fanning, his “War of the Worlds” co-star, on stage as they later presented an award together. “It’s part of her contract. I have to carry her everywhere,” he said.

The awards handed out at the Shrine Auditorium were based on fan votes. The show will be broadcast June 9.

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