WINTHROP – Members and friends of the Winthrop Congregational Church recently packed 36 school kits, 32 health kits, six baby kits and one emergency cleanup kit to send to a Church World Service distribution center on the East Coast. The annual mission project is popular with church members and the useful materials in the kits that are sent to disaster victims worldwide.

The kits, part of the “Gifts of the Heart” Church World Service outreach mission, are designed to provide the right tools to address the needs of people in this country and around the globe. The goal is to target people who need help recovering from a crisis situation and striving to return to a sustainable life.

When someone’s home is destroyed by an earthquake, a hurricane or some other type of disaster, a kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, crayons, paper and perhaps a diaper for a crying infant is a welcome sign that someone far away cares enough to put that concern into action.

Winthrop Congregational Church members have participated in the mission for many years. The people understand the need for the mission and respond to the call to assist vulnerable people in communities and countries throughout the world who have been the victims of human caused or natural disasters.

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