The auto-baby carriage is the latest thing out. The power isn’t a gasoline motor, however, but a bicycle which is attached to the carriage. A Lewiston man is finding it an easy and pleasant way in which to give baby an airing each day.

George H. Wyman of Webster presented to The Sun yesterday several apples raised on his farm. These apples are called the Folly, and are very large and rosy cheeked. The flavor is excellent, and the apples are in a remarkable state of preservation for this time of year.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Maine State Police expect to start using their first radar machine to catch speeders this summer. “Before we start using the radar we plan to conduct an educational campaign throughout the state to explain the machine and how we use it,” said Capt. Donald Herron. Sgt. Raymond Orcutt of the division of traffic and safety said the machine, which has a radar screen about 12 by 6 inches, can be mounted in the trunk of a patrol car after an opening has been cut in the trunk lid. The screen is connected to a special speedometer in the patrol car that registers the speed of passing cars.

25 Years Ago, 1980

So far more than 20,000 have lined up to get in a lottery to shoot the first moose in Maine since 1937. Maine’s new open season on moose will run for five days in late September. Exactly 700 hunters will get permits to hunt moose. Hunters’ names will be drawn by lottery from applications that are pouring in to the Inland Fish. & Wildlife Service by the hundreds daily.

Falmouth – After being struck by lightning, Edwin E. Robinson regained his sight and hearing which he lost in a highway accident nine years ago. Doctors confirmed that the 62-year-old former truck driver was no longer blind and no longer needed a hearing aid. Robinson was knocked to the ground by lightning when he took shelter beneath a poplar tree near his house in this Portland suburb during a Wednesday afternoon thunderstorm.

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