Bringing back a basket full of brook trout, three Lewiston young men, Fred McCarthy, Thomas Hawkins, and Ramsey O’Connell, returned from a fishing trip out a Haskell’s Corner. Mr. O’Connell was the most successful fisherman in the party, catching one hundred and thirty-seven.

The American Decorating company of South Framingham, Mass., will do the most of the decorating in Lewiston for the Fourth of July celebration. City Hall, the Engine house and Hook and Ladder house will be dressed in bunting of national colors.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A Lewiston firm, E & A Bilodeau Brothers Inc., has been awarded the contract to construct a one-story addition and cellar to the Country Kitchen Bakery at 193 Park St., Lewiston.

It was announced last night by Regis A. Lepage, president of the wholesale bread-making company.

Amazing coffee discovery! Not a powder! Not a grind! But millions of tiny “Flavor Buds” of real coffee, ready to burst instantly into that famous Good-To-The-Last-Drop flavor! The instant you add hot water, the miracle “Flavor Buds” burst – releasing flood of delicious, roaster-fresh Maxwell House flavor. One sip of this rich, satisfying coffee and you’ll never again go back to the old ways!

25 Years Ago, 1980

What has two legs, plays baseball, but never has to hit a pitch? Answer: any one of the 52 6-and 7-year-old boys playing teeball in the South Lewiston league this summer. Teeball began its first season in the South Lewiston league on May 17 and the head of the program, Bob St. Pierre, said it already appears to be a very successful season.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church will celebrate Wednesday the feast day of St. Barnabas and at the same time observe the 75th anniversary of the church building. The Rt. Rev. Frederick B. Wolf, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine will preach and preside at the Eucharist. A parade outside the church and refreshments will follow.

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