SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Harley L. Kaplan, Lamberti Family Trust, Hodgson Family Trust and William H. Jr. and Mary Pat Reil Johnson, all in Bethel.

Stephen J. Soboleski and Steven Soboleski to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Hans C.F. and Fran L. Wriedt to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Kevin O. and Linda R. and Kevin and Linda Hodgson, to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Kenneth J. and Mira H. Coleman to Brian R. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Norway Water District to K. Arnold Turner, in Norway.

Betsey Poor White to Betsey Poor White and Barbara L. Kenney (two), in Andover.

Perley E. Lovejoy to Industrial Communications and Electronics Inc., in Buckfield.

Virginia L. Justard and Justard Family Trust to Sharon and William Jr. Nolan, in Rumford.

David L. and Molly A. and David and Molly Murphy to David and Molly Murphy, in Mexico.

A and B Forestry to David B. and Melinda L. Worthley, in Rumford.

John V. III and Jeanne M. Wiken to Jeanne M. Wiken, in Peru.

Edward L. Dilworth III and Diane A. Travis Childrens Trust to John H. Betts and Judith Fletcher Betts, in Norway.

Justin S. Wilk and John L. and Margaret Bertocchi Hall to John L. and Margaret Bertocchi Hall, in Greenwood.

Vickie L. Gammon to Paul T. and Kathy J. McKeon, in Sumner.

Roger A. Wheeler and Chapman and Wheeler Inc. to Derek F. Rhodes and Susan B. Laflamme, (two) in Greenwood.

Roger A. Wheeler and Chapman and Wheeler Inc. to Derek Rhodes and Susan B. Laflamme, in Greenwood.

Richard L. Kimball Jr. to Richard M. Kimball, in Oxford.

Richard and Dale Hall to William Penfold, in Oxford.

Michael J. and Joan M. Markey to Robert T. Healey, in Norway.

Paul L. and Lorraine M. Duclos to Fred E. and Ladena R. Seger Family Trust, in Greenwood.

Mary E. Wheeler to John B. and Jeanne D. Wholey, in Bethel.

Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC to June D. Strunk, in Bethel.

Oshkash LLC to Annie LLC, in Oxford.

Ski Tracks Inc. to Jean Marc and Ellen Monnin, in Bethel.

Juliette M. Robichaud to Juliette M. Robichaud and Ronald J. and Joanne R. Sauer, in Dixfield.

Thomas J. Jr. and Candace T. Cashman to Roy E. Achenbach and Maryann P. Achenbach and Ridge Run Realty Trust, in Newry.

Tami L. Roy to Christopher W. Roy, in Rumford.

Albert S. and Wanda J. Coolidge to Jeffrey D. Duhaine, in Andover.

Timothy L. and Lee Ann Blouin to Yrral A. and Tanya M. Yates, in Rumford.

Barbara Haynes French and Malcolm A. French to Joseph W. and Judith E. Freeman, in Peru.

Elizabeth A. Maglione to Trevor Buck and Lisa Reynolds, in West Paris and Paris.

Joyce K. Phinney to John M. Allen and Kurt D. Wilson, in Paris.

John H. Kimball and Estate of James L. Kimball to Ralph Brown, in West Paris.

William E. Riley and Ernestine F. Riley and Ernestine F. Riley Living Trust to Peter E. and Karen K. Cole, in Greenwood.

Jeffrey D. Scribner and Clayton J. Thompson to Jeffrey D. Scribner and Clayton J. Thompson and Lucy E. Thompson Nelson, in Upton.

Christopher B. and Angela R. Record and Angela R. Snodgrass to Lewis E. McAlister Sr. and Sharon J. McAlister, in Paris.

Valerie E. M. Forman and Valerie E. M. Elmore to Pierre A. and Charlene R. DeSautels, in Woodstock.

Edward C. and Octavia W. Rhodehamel to Charles D. and Edward J. Rhodehamel and Shelley R. Street and Rhodehamel Family Trust, in Norway.

Therese M. Holbrook to David M. and Kristin L. Taylor, in Norway.

Adam S. Chadbourne to Thomas H. Chadbourne, in Woodstock.

Thomas H. Chadbourne to Adam S. Chadbourne, in Woodstock.

Randall W. and Virginia M. Brown to Kristopher D. and Catherine R. Flaherty, in Paris.

Eric J. Kennison to Randolph M. Crockett, in Oxford.

James Newspapers Inc. to C. S. Inc., in Rumford and Norway.

Malinda F. Turnbull Living Trust and Malinda F. Turnbull to Kim L. Pelkey, in Norway.

Lawrence J. and Bonnie Beaulieu to Bonnie L. Beaulieu, in Hartford.

Estate of Romeo A. Baker and Joan T. Baker to Margaret A. Guinan and Carolyn M. Reilly and Linda A. Meyer, in Newry.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Eric Nelson, in Norway.

Stephen B. and Debora A. Redmond to John R. and Andrea R. M. Bjork, in Bethel.

Brett M. and Katie L. Cragg to Geoffrey E. Low, in Oxford.

Erinn H. Wright to Shawna L. Brewer and Mark A. Chag Jr., in Waterford.

Mark D. Floor to Dale L. Eichorn and Dale L. Eichorn Revocable Trust, in Buckfield.

Gloria A. Holman to Melissa L. Williams, in Mexico.

Tempest Fury LLC to Nancy Drew and Amelia Moore, in Paris.

Charles W. Ward to Ronald G. Jones, in Sumner.

Karen L. and Robert D. Sylvester to Robert D. Sylvester, in Newry.

Bruce Pierce to Saddle Ridge Holdings LLC, in Newry.

James I. and James Peterson to Lloyd L. Poland, in Rumford.

River Valley Technology Center to Premium Log Yards Inc., in Rumford.

Janet E. Baker to Hellen N. Doucette, in Newry.

Bethel Riverbend Condominium Association to Riverbend Associates Inc., in Bethel.

Harold G. Jr. and Joyce W. Shaw to John and Althea M. Hathaway, in Paris.

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