LIVERMORE FALLS – Livermore Falls Middle School presented the following awards to students:

High honors for grades six, seven and eight: Erika Newman.

Presidential Outstanding Excellence Awards: Heather Budzko, Ross Chicoine, Jacob Ferland, Laura Howell, Kendra Lyman, Chelsea Morris, Erika Newman, Kyle Stebbins, Karly Wilkins.

Presidential Outstanding Achievement Award: Dawn Lee.

High honors 2004-2005: Heather Budzko, Jacob Ferland, Shawn Hodge, Michael Langlin, Kendra Lyman, Erika Newman, Karly Wilkins, Lauren Breton, Allison Dubois, Nathan Michaud, Philip Paradis, Thomas Ventrella, Khyle Whittemore, Ian Wilcox, Adrienne Alley, Michael Anctil.

Secretary of State Citizenship Award: Kendra Lyman.

Grade Seven Citizenship Award: Emily Baillargeon, Kevin Bibeau.

Grade Six Citizenship Award: Thomas Bizier, Meagan Walker.

Band Director’s Award: Ryan Jackson.

Perfect attendance: Michael Anctill, Thomas Bizier, Travis Neil, Erika Newman, Marissa Welch.

Band Awards: Alysha Adams, Nicole Adams, Adrienne Alley, Michael Anctil, Emily Baillargeon, Caleb Baron, Brendon Batchelder, Zachary Bates-Flagg, Bryanna Bates, Bryce Bilodeau, Thomas Bizier, Shantel Brochu, Miles Brooks, Taylor Bubier, Kristopher Caron, Lucas Caron, Nicole Caron, Emilee Castner, Michael Castonguay, Samuel Chabot, Trevor Chamberlain, Elizabeth Cote, Cheyanne Cushing.

Also, Brandi Douglass, Allison Dubois, Tabatha Edes, Matthew Esty, Kaitlin Ferland, Jenny Freeman, Mary Gosselin, Christopher Gray, Alyssa Hamilton, Brianna Hamilton, Devan Heutz, Laura Howell, Ryan Jackson, Keith Jewett, Craig Knight, Kathrynn Lake, Justin Landry, Daneka LaPoint, James Lee, Kendra Lyman, Courtney Martinez.

Also, Kristopher Mason, Bryan Maurais, Skye McKenna, Ross Merrill, Celeste Michaud, Allison Moreau, Caylee Morris, Chelsie Morris, David Newman, Erika Newman, Alexandra Niedner, Shelby Osgood, Jacob Ouellette, Stephanie Owens, Philip Paradis, Holden Parker.

Also, Christine Pike, Erin Plourde, Justin Plourde, Jayde Purington, Amanda Robbins, Kassandra Shackley, Ashley Sidney, Brittany Souther, Joshua Tainter, Hannah Therrien, Megan Therrien, Heather Thibodeau, Trevor Timberlake, Ashley Vaillancourt, Kayla Ward, Ian Wilcox, Karly Wilkins, Kayla Wilson.

Student Council representatives: Ross Chicoine, president; Laura Howell, vice president; Heather Budzko, secretary; Ian Wilcox, treasurer; Michael Anctil, school store manager; Kenny Pelletier, Hailey Hemminger, Megan Smith, Kayla Wilson, Chelsie Morris, Caleb Baron, Brittany Souther.

Also, Christopher Brown, Logan Melcher, Matt Esty, Elizabeth Cote, Christopher Jackman, Dakota Frost, Jimmy Seitz, Kayla Blais, Annika Durrell, Chantel Charette, Nicholas Mitchell, Quincey Hutchings, Philip Paradis, Lindsey Flagg, Allison Moreau, Lauren Breton, Ian Wilcox, Paul Lefever, Todd Morales.

Yearbook: Heather Budzko, Christopher Gray, Laura Howell, Kendra Lyman, Celeste Michaud, Chelsie Morris, Erika Newman, Megan Smith, Brittany Souther, Karly Wilkins, Allison Dubois, Lindsay Dumais, Kathrynn Lake, Danielle Patrick, Sara Pulsifer, Jayde Purington, Shelby Osgood, Hannah Therrien, Tony Valeriani, Rachel Wallis, Adrienne Alley, Bryanna Bates, Brianna Hamilton, Meagan Walker, Alyssa Hamilton, Lexie Niedner, Caitlin Beairsto.

Perfect attendance: Michael Anctil, Thomas Bizier, Travis Neil, Erika Newman, Marissa Welch.

Computer Award: Adrienne Alley, Thomas Ventrella, Erika Newman.

French Award: Holden Parker, Ryan Jackson, Ian Wilcox.

Physical Education Award: Holden Parker, Annika Durrell, Shawn Whiting, Kathrynn Lake, Logan Melcher, Nicole Adams.

Family Consumer Science Awards: Megan Smith, Meagan Walker, Marley Stevens, Allison DuBois.

Grade Six Awards: Social Studies, Nick Mitchell; Science, Mike Anctil; Math, Mike Anctil; Language Arts, Mike Anctil.

Grade Seven Awards: Math, Ian Wilcox; Language Arts, Ian Wilcox; Social Studies, Ian Wilcox; Science, Ian Wilcox.

Grade Eight Awards: Language Arts, Karly Wilkins; Science, Erika Newman; Social Studies, Kendra Lyman; Math, Erika Newman.

Jazz Band: Brendon Batchelder, Justin Landry, Jayde Purington, Bryan Maurais, Brittany Souther, Brandon Pearson, Ryan Jackson, Michael Langlin, Heather Budzko, Mary Gosselin, Laura Howell, Christopher Gray, Erika Newman, Ian Wilcox, Ashley Vaillancourt.

Grade Eight Chorus: Lindsay Beaudoin, Kierstyn O’Donnell, Cricket Brume-Remington, Daneka LaPoint, Megan Smith, Kayla Wilson, Nicole Adams, Celeste Michaud, Laura Howell, Heather Budzko, Brittany Souther, Michael Langlin, Ryan Jackson, Zack LaRock, Karly Wilkins, Journey Williams, Chelsie Morris, Kendra Lyman, Skye McKenna, Kerrie Fogg

B-POS Awards: Kayla Wilson, Nick Mitchell

Civil Right Team: Amber Richards, Courtney Martinez; Brittany Lee, Ashley Stebbins, Laura Howell, Sammie McKenzie, Heather Budzko, Tyler Gordon, Devan Heutz, Joshua Hones, Nick Mitchell, Garrett Dee, Kris Caron, Kelsey Searles, Celeste Michaud, Cricket Brume-Remington, Mary Gosselin, Shawnessy Watson.

Also, Leila Hailey, Jayde Purington, Megan Smith, Stephanie Owens, Lindsey Flagg, Nicole Rawding, Philip Paradis, Marisa Moors, Paisley Williams, Jacob Ferland, Erika Newman, Nicole Adams, Kierstyn O’Donnell, Ryan Jackson, Justin Landry, Ross Chicoine, Christopher Gray, Daneka LaPoint, Miranda Arsenault, Jami Gregory, Brittany Souther, Caleb Baron, Kayla Wilson, Lindsay Beaudoin.

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