PARIS – The following real estate transfers have been recorded at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds Office.

David M. Adams to Amy Jo Newton, in Peru.

Stephen P. and Lucille R. Michaud to River View Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Stephen P. and Lucille R. Michaud, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Leon E. Jr. and Barbara A. Beal, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Geoffrey Q. and Stephanie R. Russell, in Bethel.

Nancy Pote Snow and Nancy Pote Kelley and Cheryl Pote Chisholm, and Frank W. Pote to Norman G. and Theresa Guerette, in Woodstock.

U.S.A. HUD to Veikko Huuskonen, in Rumford.

Becky J. Mason to Traci Hilligoss and Josh Lothrop, in Norway.

Carol Brooks Rice to Carol Brooks Rice, and Anton H. Rice III and Carol Brooks Rice Qualified Personal Residence Trust, in Paris.

Anton H. Rice III to Carol Brooks Rice and Anton H. Rice III and Anton H. Rice III Qualified Personal Residence Trust, in Paris.

Terry Howard Sr. to Terry Howard Jr., in Oxford.

Mary Berube LeBlanc to Chris P. Rizzetto, in Otisfield.

Gregory E. and Donna Trundy to Martin T. Boggis and Mary Madigan, in Rumford.

George William and Sarah J. Longmire Cook to Gordon McWaid, in Bethel.

Michael R. and Gloria S. Richard to Jamie L. Richard, in Mexico.

Richard D. and Betty L. Hart to David A. and Linda L. Silvia, in Magalloway Plantation.

Swan Hill Corp. to Chadbourne Tree Farms LLC, in Bethel.

Chadbourne Tree Farms LLC to Swan Hill Corporation, in Bethel.

Paul A. and Donna J. Wilkie to David M. and Janis B. Cohen, in Newry.

Chad A. Blodgett and Estate of Doris A. Blodgett and Chad Blodgett and Estate of Doris Blodgett to Gary Pagano, in Rumford.

Mandy M. and Nathan J. Lewis and Mandy M. Parsons to Daniel M. and Julie A. Flather, in Waterford.

Marina E. and Marina M. Sessions to Taryn A. Thoman, in Greenwood.

Brian W. Sessions to Taryn A. Thoman, in Greenwood.

Town of Rumford to Rumford Realty Partners LLC, in Rumford.

Dale B. and Raymond E. Carlton to Dale B. and Dianne R. Carlton, in Dixfield.

Dale B. and Raymond E. Carlton to Raymond E. and Joette A. Carlton, in Dixfield.

Arnold L. and Rose M. Kennison to Arnold L. Kennison, in Woodstock.

Muriel L. Cole to Marvin and Linda Cole, in Greenwood.

Bigelow Timber Corp. to LBA Forest Stewardship Initiative LLC, in Township.

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to Michael John Pratt, in Bethel.

Oxford Homes Inc. to Killarney Holdings LLC, in Oxford.

Roger A. Wheeler and Chapman and Wheeler Inc. to Marc L. and Kelly D. LeBlond, in Greenwood.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Co. to Dana Stevens, in Norway.

Rodney and Sandra K. Smith to William and Karlene Hamlin, in Oxford.

Robert L. Jr. and Patricia J. and Robert W. Jr. Gustavson to Mark and Kimberly Stocker, in Newry.

Kenneth P. and Vesta N. Lund to Russell K. and Ruth H. Hilton, in Andover.

Roseanna White to Robert H. Susbury Jr. and Roseanna White, in Byron.

Roseanna White to Roseanna White and Robert H. Susbury Jr., in Byron.

Dwayne E. Childs to Jamie and Ashley Childs, in Peru.

William L. and Beverly A. and Angela M. Gallant to William L. and Beverly A. and Angela M. and Aaron D. Gallant, in Rumford.

Alan L. Elliott to Ginger Lee Elliott and Ginger L. Pomerleau, in Dixfield.

Donald Ridge to Danny Costain and Sanger Davis Jr., in Norway.

Mary D. and George C. Verenis to Downtown Revitalization Corp., in Norway.

Stephen A. Brackett to Ralph Brown, in Norway.

Robert L. Blake to David J. Everett and Everett Development Co., in Township.

Stephen and Carolyn Royal to Harriet B. Langley, in Newry.

Harriet B. Langley and Harriet B. Kenney to Stephen and Carolyn Royal, in Newry.

Everett E. Hatstat to Everett E. and Chris E. Hatstat, in Albany Township.

David A. and Francis M. Head to Cynara A. Connell, in Albany Township.

Jack L. Cross and Kenneth R. Grover to John K. Tedeschi and Joseph Muller and Walter W. Grattan Jr., in Bethel.

C. Roberts Mulloy and Donald R. Falardeau to John K. Tedeschi and Joseph W. Muller, in Bethel.

Donald R. Falardeau to John K. Tedeschi and Joseph W. Muller, in Bethel.

Donald R. Falardeau to Peter and Traci Madge, in Bethel.

Philip L. and Lorraine L. Skinner to Jerry P. and Alan W. Skinner, in Norway.

Gary D. Fleming to Timothy M. and Caitin I. Luff, in Norway.

Judy Brown Dunn to Emily and Nicholas L. Staley, in Norway.

Becky Mason to Eric R. Stoddard, in Norway.

James L. and Anne O. Johnston to RAD Development Inc., in West Paris.

Helen L. Brown to Cersosimo Industries Inc., in Norway.

Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas to David B. and Melinda L. Worthley, in Roxbury.

Warren H. and Jacqueline Oldham to Richard L. Breau, in Peru.

Marc J. J. Jr. and Andrea Dupuis to Patrick J. and Monica R. Moorehead Pepin, in Mexico.

Wayne Burpee to Michael J. and Catherine M. Tursky, in Sumner.

Luther L. Grover to Anthony Lengyel, in Oxford.

Susan B. Podzamsky and Sally Mottalini and Theresa Burns and Michael and Michael S. Burns to Patricia M. Lawlor, in Rumford.

Jeffrey White to Just Right Homes Inc., in Otisfield.

Heather J. Kish to Douglas and Susan Lemire, in Bethel.

Melissa Freeman to James and Melissa Freeman, in Rumford.

Haynes F. Noyes to Robert H. and Deborah J. Noyes, in Waterford.

Westside Development LLC to Areta A. and Jeffrey H. Caley, in Greenwood.

Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. and James C. Puiia to Sheryll J. Crawford, in Dixfield.

Marvin J. and Lois P. Binette to Gail L. Putnam, in Peru.

Elva M. Brown and Maureen A. Pepin to Douglas L. Starbird and Jerrianne Baldwin, in Oxford.

U.S.A. HUD to Kevin H. Young, in Norway.

Clara L. Rolfe to Philippe E. Rolfe, in Bethel.

Peter A. Rosenberg to Donna L. and Gregory E. Trundy, in Woodstock.

Peggy S. LeMay to Jared M. and Andrea L. Ross Holmquist, in Dixfield

Duane L. Sr. and Judith P. Gilbert to Thomas and Cheryl Foley, in Rumford.

Snow Lake Properties LLC and Northeast Bank FSB to Phyllis A. Bancroft, in Albany Township.

Phyllis McPhee to Steven Allen and Catherine L. Leonard, in Peru.

John G. Zanco and Sharon H. Brown to Jonathan W. and Eliza Cope Nolan, in Newry.

Mitchell L. and Bonnie R. Morrissette to George D. and Elizabeth Schmidt, in Norway.

Henry M. and Jean R. Guenther to Ellen M. Tierney and Daniel M. Guenther and Beth C. McCallum and Karla J. Frawley, in Oxford.

Roger and Jessie Edwards to Dan and Kelly Danielson, in Buckfield.

River View Timeshare Trust to Timothy J. and Bernadette M. Hallgren, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Teresa M. Belisle, in Bethel.

Elizabeth Marie Corriveau to Robert F. Corriveau, in Gilead.

Crystal Ann Corriveau to Robert F. Corriveau, in Gilead.

Kenneth S. Jones to Marion Jones, in Rumford.

Marion J. Jones to Laura Riggs, in Rumford.

John M. and Carol A. Maleski to Juha M. Kansanen, in West Paris.

Kathy L. Parker to Glenn R. and Marcia L. Weidner and Kurt D. and Bette A. Cochran, in Woodstock.

Matylda Mikula to Joseph W. Muller, in Bethel.

Marion J. Dancy and Terry B. Cullen to Barbara K. Bagshaw and Scott and Simone Szuba, in Hanover and Newry.

Joan B. and T. Procter Lippincott to Richard W. and Geraldine M. Pierce, in Waterford.

Annette L. and Ronald O. Brown to Ronald O. Brown, in Newry.

Kipp H. Yoder and Sharon R. Yoder to Virginia L. Poland, in Bethel.

Jeffrey J. Turnbull to John H. and Sherry M. Pillsbury, in Dixfield

Norman H. and Joan E. McCafferty and Joan E. Abrams to United States of America USDA Farm Service Agency, in Buckfield.

R. Scott Bruns to Jean R. Howard, in Waterford.

Victor Hart to Christopher Rovaldi, in Bethel.

Nancy L. Willard to Gary R. and Edith Okenquist, in Bethel.

Nancy L. Willard to Kevin J. and Nancy A. Bellinger, in Bethel.

Markey Real Estate LLC to Jonathan and Lindsay Evans, in Canton.

Gloria W. Fleming to Warren Osman Wilson and Marlene V. Wilson, in Woodstock.

Town of Peru to Norman and Shirley Cormier, in Peru.

Frances M. and Richard Jr. Harrington to Donald J. and Janice Laurie, in Hartford.

Echo Avenue Irrevocable Trust and Michael R. Cotoia to Patrick J. Furnari, in Hanover.

Francis R. and Mary Lou Berry to James R. and Marjorie B. Osgood.

United States of America DOT Federal Highway Administration to State of Maine DOT, in Bethel.

Michael R. and Vickie F. Morgan to Orrin L. DesJardins, in Norway.

William and Diana J. McLaughlin to Michael and Vickie Morgan, in Norway.

Gay Ryan Farnum to Gay Ryan and Dennis A. Farnum, in Oxford.

James W. and Deborah S. Hayes to Fielding Group LLC, in Otisfield.

Beverly J. Nickerson and Beverly Chaisson to Kenneth E. and Joanne Swenson, in Hebron.

Arnold E. and Margaret Staples to Brent and Cathy Stevenson, in Oxford.

Estate of Howard E. Gurney and Ernest L. Gurney and Katrina Page and Ernest Gurney to John G. Floster, in West Paris.

Jennifer S. and Jason M. Bobrowski to Sandra L. Smith, in Oxford.

John and Marcia Rogers to Michael D. Petrie and Amanda L. Tozier, in Rumford.

John A. Sharratt and J A S Maine Trust to Victor A. and Catherine A. Noll, in Hartford.

Joseph and Darcie Childs and Darcie Berry to Billy J. Childs and Marsha M. Chouinard, in Buckfield.

Brian W. and Marina E. and Lisa M. Sessions to Patrick and Denise D’Amboise, in Bethel.

Eric M. Scoblionko to Camp Wekeela LLC, in Hartford.

Penley Timberlands Inc. to James E. and Patricia C. Curtis, in Greenwood.

Jack I. and Irene M. Pike to Linda G. Moynihan, in Waterford.

Mary D. Gale to Terry L. Robinson, in Bethel.

Richard F. Kennaugh and Kenneth E. Poland to Advanced Quality Custom Homes LLC, in Paris.

Bonita M. Clough to Melissa Gerardo, in Bethel.

Lucas C. Hiebert to Karen Sue Swasey, in Otisfield.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to David Boothby and Bonnie Spencer, in Waterford.

Deborah C. Lamb and Stephen G. Cairns to Mitchell and Bonnie Morrissette, in Paris.

Town of West Paris to Sandra Herrick, in West Paris.

Kyle G. and Carmen L. Morey to Lawrence F. and Brenda F. Merlino, in Greenwood.

Estate of Ethelyn D. Hall and Richard D. Hall and Davene S. Luce to Richard D. and Gayle M. Hall, in Hartford and Sumner.

Armand R. Turcotte to Robert R. and Margaret E. MacFarland, in Dixfield.

Renee C. LaChapelle to Adam T. Pelletier, in Hartford.

Mark W. Sr. and Gary A. Sr. and Dale A. and Pete C. Sr. Nealey to Cynthia F. Erskine, in Gilead.

Elizabeth G. Crockett to Trina A. Fortin, in Rumford.

Christopher M. Murphy to Keystone Drive LLC, in Newry.

Gene A. and Cynthia J. Towle to Judith A. Whittemore, in Rumford.

A. Ingrid Eriksson to Dawn L. Cummings, in Norway.

Les Bois Carthage Inc. to Howard Pond Outlook LLC, in Hanover.

Francis W. and Ramona L. and Michael F. Delano to Blynn F. Thurston, in Norway.

Windy L. Hutchins and Wendy W. Rice to Shelley M. and Brent C. Douglass, in Albany Township.

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