A motorist (getting 20 miles per gallon): $75 a year

The state and MTA* (to pay for GO MAINE commuter vans taking 108 people to work): $1,661 per year

Lewiston taxpayers (to run the school buses): $8,000 a year

Auburn taxpayers (to run the police departments’ vehicles): $3,160 per year

A bus company (like Northeast Charter and Tour Co., with its 12 buses): $30,000

A fruit grower (like Don Ricker at Ricker Orchards, who uses 11,300 gallons of gas a year): $1,130

A florist (like Dube Flower owner Skip Girouard): Recently added an extra $2 for every delivery

An ice cream vendor (like roving ice cream man Ken Bragg, who says he’s paying about $10 a day more a fill-up than last year): A “tips for gas please” jar and a plea for customers to buy an extra ice cream bar
*Maine Turnpike Authority
Topping off

Gallons of regular unleaded gasoline sold by prime suppliers each day in Maine, on average

1999 1.653 million

2000 1.678 million

2001 1.785 million

2002 1.887million

2003 1.889 million

2004 1.871 million

2005 (January-April) 1.745 million

Number of gas stations: 1,325

Source: Energy Information Agency

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