LEWISTON – The following divorces were granted recently in 8th District Court.

Robert Rawls of Poland and Jodi Rawls of Hinsdale, Mass., married Feb. 12, 1997, in Poland.

Paul Pombriant of Auburn and Mary Karen Pombriant of Portsmouth, N.H., married May 30, 1968 in Lewiston.

Scott Smith of Auburn and Rachel Lajoie-Smith of Lewiston, married Dec. 10, 1993 in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Gregory McLaughlin of Sabattus and Amy McLaughlin of Sabattus, married July 19, 2002 in South Portland, custody of two children to mother.

Michael Ott of Auburn and April Ott of Joshua Tree, Calif., married July 4, 2003 in Little Valley, N.Y.

Christopher Lea of Burlington, N.C., and Wendy Lea of Auburn, married April 10, 2000, in Portland, custody of child to be shared.

Juan Cervantes of North Turner and Stacey Cervantes of Turner, married Jan. 21, 2001, in Turner, custody of two children to be shared.

Daniel Gagnon of Wales and Beth Gagnon of Wales, married June 25, 1977, in Yarmouth.

Ralph Garnett of Lisbon Falls and Elaine Garnett of Lisbon Falls, married May 22, 2004, in Lewiston.

Chad Dumais of Livermore and Kate Dumais of Auburn, married June 9, 2001, in Bethel.

Stuart Wright of Jay and Muriel Wright of Turner, married March 21, 1998, in Turner.

Ronald Demers of Otisfield and Debra Demers of Otisfield, married June 24, 1995, in Lewiston, custody of child to be shared.

Richard Rankins III of Waterville and Stacy Tanguay of Leeds, married Dec. 15, 2004, in Waterville.

Timothy Marquis of Lewiston and Brenda Marquis of Lewiston, married Nov. 22, 1997, in Auburn, custody to two children to be shared.

John Coyne of Auburn and Julie Coyne of Lewiston, married Oct. 12, 1996, in Rangeley, custody of child to be shared.

John Riordan of Georgetown and Rochelle Riordan of Auburn, married Sept. 18, 1999, in Poland, custody of child to be shared.

Paul Mead of Boulder, Mont., and Sharon Mead of Lewiston, married Dec. 14, 1986, in Old Town, Fla.

Peter Griffey of Topsham and Krystle Griffey of Turner, married Sept. 15, 2002, in Auburn, custody to mother.

James Richards of Topsham and Surena Richards of Sabattus, married Oct. 31, 1997, in Covington, Ky.

Robert Canney of Lewiston and Kristina Chasse of Lewiston, married March 17, 2000, in Lewiston

Neil Corriveau Jr. of Greene and Amy Ellicott of Greene, married Nov. 15, 2003, in Greene.

Albert Coburn Sr. of Brunswick and Janice Coburn of Lisbon, married April 15, 1983, in Lewiston, custody of child to be shared.

Steven Beaulieu of Lewiston and Lori Beaulieu of Lewiston, married March 10, 1984, in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Jeffrey Worcester of Turner and Yvonne Worcester of Auburn, married Jan. 7, 1983, in Harrington, Maine, custody of four children to be shared.

Kevin Farrar of Auburn and Brenda Farrar of Auburn, married June 29, 1991, in Lewiston, custody of child to be shared.

Richard Cetina of Great Mills, Md., and Doriann Cetina of Auburn, married Dec. 16, 2001.

Richard Brochu of Lewiston and Susan Brochu of Auburn, married May 18, 2002, in Lewiston.

Ricky Macie of Leeds and Tammy Macie of Lewiston, married March 8, 1997, in Lewiston.

Kurt Theriault of Minot and Crystal Beauchesne of Auburn, married Oct. 23, 2004, in Minot.

Ralph Gosselin of Lewiston and Sharon Gosselin of Auburn, married Sept. 7, 1979, in Lewiston.

William Bradbury of Poland and Wednesday Bradbury of Norway, married Aug. 16, 2003, in Poland.

John Bailey of Lewiston and Jennifer Bailey of Lewiston, married March 23, 2002, in Lewiston, custody of child to mother.

Brian Brown of Leeds and Samantha Brown of Auburn, married Dec. 31, 2001, in Jacksonville, N.C., custody of child to mother.

Frank McNeice Jr. of Mechanic Falls and Dawn McNeice, married June 17, 1990, in Windham, custody of three children to mother.

Robert Hayslip of Lisbon and Deborah Hayslip of Lisbon, married Aug. 17, 1985, in Wheaton, Md., custody of two children to be shared.

Daniel Violette of Lewiston and Susan Violette of Lisbon Falls, married Sept. 12, 1998, in Durham, custody of two children to be shared.

Mark Byram of Arlington, Texas, and Kelly Byram of Lisbon Falls, married Nov. 8, 1995, in Lisbon Falls.

Earl Osborne of Lewiston and Gemma Osborne of Wales, married Feb. 14, 2005, in Jackson, N.H.

David Roberts of Lewiston and Allison Roberts of Minot, married Oct. 29, 1988, in Pembroke Pines, Fla., custody of two children to be shared.

Paul Dubois of Lewiston and Billie Dubois of Lisbon, married March 24, 2003, in Hampton, N.H.

James Adams of Auburn and Melissa Adams of Lisbon, married Aug. 4, 1979, in Auburn.

Ronald Gauthier of Stacyville and Diane Gauthier of Lewiston, married Oct. 15, 2000, in Sabattus.

Stephen Gagnier of Lewiston and Rita Gagnier of Lewiston, married July 6, 1997, in Greene, custody of child to be shared.

Brian Antonelli of Canton and Pamela Antonelli, married Sept. 6, 1998, in Boothbay Harbor.

Robert Heap of Farmington and Jane Heap of Livermore Falls, married Nov. 17, 2001, in Industry.

Gordon Mason of Auburn and Sallie Mason of Auburn, married Feb. 17, 2005, in Lewiston.

Eric Kidder of Lewiston and Karen Kidder of Hot Springs, Ark., married Sept. 4, 1999, in Baileyville.

Brian Soehl of Lewiston and Darlene Soehl of Lisbon Falls, married Aug. 9, 1997 in Rileyville, Va.

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