SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Deborah L. Coffin to Rebbecca L. Tuck, in Oxford.

Robert Campbell to Lauraine K. Pluto, in Hebron.

W.R. DeMille Contracting Inc. to Lawrence A. Roakes, in Otisfield.

Christopher A. and Lorelei A. Cooper to Adam C. Silver.

Robert D. Greenleaf to Eagle Cove Corp., in Otisfield.

Robert D. Greenleaf to L and R Logging LLC, in Otisfield.

Jeffrey M. Estes and Amy E. Kraft and Amy E. Krafts to James and Janine M. Cunniff, in Paris.

Earl B. Lowe to Wells Fargo Bank NA, in Buckfield.

Margaret D. Wille to Charles K. Wille, in Albany Township.

Barbara Ann Tracy to David M. and Susan A. Pardis, in Paris.

William S. and Algide R. West to Scott W. and Zena K. Vlaun, in Otisfield.

Todd A. Trudeau to David L. Trudeau Jr., in Norway.

David Q. Whittier to Park Place Professionals LLC, in Paris.

Norwood S. and Mary Waterhouse to Lauris D. Waterhouse and Jerry E. Gogan, in Mexico.

Sarah A. and Donald F. Sillars to Sarah A. Sillars, in Peru.

Paul M. and Leslie K. Hawkes to Rachel E. Matz and Alan K. Refalo, in Newry.

Roy E. and Maryann P. Achenbach and Ridge Run Realty Trust to Michael and Janet Leavy, in Newry.

Raymond A. Boissoneau to Eric A. Boissoneau, in Waterford.

Gary and Mary Freeman to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Robert A. and Rose Ellen Harmon to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Robert E. Robillard II and Helen M. DeNormandie to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Michael H. and Melinda W. Gilman to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Brenda L. Sessions to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Shane A. Poland to Frank J. and Annette M. Emond, in Woodstock.

Barbara M. Berardis to Barbara M. and Carlo P. Jr. Berardis, in West Paris.

Maureen S. Burke and MSK Investment Trust to David J. Cronin, in Newry.

Julie N. Bullard to Robert V. Kenna, in Newry.

Wayne and Adelia B. Thurston to Adelia B. Thurston, in Dixfield.

Donald G. and Cheryl G. Bennett to Savage Land Development, in Bethel.

Alan C. McNeil to Mark McAllister, in Hartford.

Mabel A. Ferris to Richard D. Nemi, in Canton.

Mark A. and Bonnie L. Howland and Bonnie L. Sharp to Deborah Ann Parsons, in Waterford.

Grace E. Schofield to Pamela W. and Prudence C. Schofield, in Rumford.

Delma L. and Doris M. LaPerle and LaPerle Family Trust to Lisa L. Freitas and Geary LaPerle and Michelle L. Kane, in Peru.

Donald and Janet L. Tanguay to Donald and Robert L. Tanguay, in Albany Township.

Stephen B. and Elise B. Caswell to Maines Morning Star LLC, in Gilead.

Michael F. and Arline E. Maloney to James W. Jr. and Lena E. Taylor, in Norway.

Bridget K. Farley to Allen C. and Helen K. Young, in Oxford.

Gary W. and Rebecca Kirk to Althea S. Kirk, in Hebron.

Carol J. Kirby and Estate of John J. Kirby Jr. to Peter T. Keefe, in Township.

Elizabeth J. Theriault to Esther and Stanley Hunt, in West Paris.

Bruce D. White and Judith A. White to Francis P. and Dawn C. Minigell, in Norway.

Jeffrey and Sharon M. Stearns to Pamela S. and Clifford M. Freeman, in Bethel.

Bertha H. Kimball and Estate of Merritt M. Kimball to Elaine H. Kimball, in Waterford.

Bertha H. Kimball to Elaine H. Kimball, in Waterford.

Darlene R. Mease to Michael W. Rodrigues, in Dixfield.

Emanuel Kay and Co. Inc. Money Purchase Plan and Emanuel Kay and Emanuel Kay and Co. Inc. to Edward R. Easter and Elizabeth H. Meadows, in Bethel.

Emanuel Kay and Co. Inc. Profit Sharing Plan and Emanuel Kay and Emanuel Kay and Co. Inc. to Edward R. Easter and Elizabeth H. Meadows, in Bethel.

George Downing to Peter and Jodelle A. Card and K and J Development LLC, in Paris.

Kathleen F. Hawkins to Justin P. Teixeira and Sarah M. Peters, in Hartford.

Stanley and Freda Dyke to John M. and Jennifer L. Souther, in Canton.

John M. and Jennifer L. Souther to Thomas P. Peters III and Erin E. Morris, in Canton.

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