HEBRON – The following area students were named to the honor roll at Hebron Academy for the spring term:

Middle school

Highest honors: Benjamin Blais ’10 of Auburn; Claire Cummings ’09 of Norway; Bess Curtis ’10 of Turner; Lydia Drown ’09 of Leeds; Polly Drown ’11 of Leeds.

High honors: Chloe Bergman-Ray ’10 of West Paris; Brianna Bisesti ’09 of Hebron; John Brink ’10 of Bethel; Thomas Cummings ’11 of Norway; Andrew Keith ’11 of Bethel; Kelly Phillips ’09 of Auburn.

Honors: Brett Bisesti ’09 of Hebron; Starr St. James ’09 of Hebron; Kurtis Stocker ’10 of Buckfield; Caela Waite ’11 of Auburn.

Upper school

Highest honors: Allison Coombs ’06 of Livermore; Marlayna Lumbard ’08 of Cumberland; Sara Powers ’07 of Auburn.

High honors: Kasey Boucher ’08 of Lewiston; Alexandra Chabot ’05 of Poland; Kathleen Collins ’08 of Hebron; Molly Curtis ’06 of Turner; Jennifer Duguay ’08 of Turner; Kelley Hilton ’06 of Norway; Emma Janeczko ’08 of Hebron; Daniella Lyons ’06 of Greene; Jonathan Phillips ’06 of Auburn; Jodie Simms ’05 of Auburn; Joshua Taylor ’06 of Raymond.

Honors: Diamond Duryea ’07 of Norway; Sarah Irish ’07 of Buckfield; Brian Knopp ’06 of Norway; Nicholas Low ’06 of Auburn; Ashkan Nowtash ’05 of Auburn; Brian Simms ’07 of Auburn; Tyler Thayer ’06 of Auburn.

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