WILTON – Results in the Tuesday Summer Mixed League for Aug. 2:

Men’s high game scratch, Ron Bell 243, Harry Hicks 225, Adam Meunier 220; high series scratch, Adam Meunier 593, Harry Hicks 589, Larry Duval 573; high game handicap, Linda Meunier 269, Ron Bell 258, Frank Donahue and Steve Adams 253; high series handicap, Danny Trexlar 692, Adam Meunier 689, Frank Donahue 670.

Women’s high game scratch, Muriel Lisherness 157, Elaine Stevens 156, Nicole Dodson 152; high series scratch, Muriel Lisherness 421, Nicole Dodson 416, Cathy Walton 387; high game handicap, Rachel Tuttle 238, Debbie Smith 236, Stephanie Millay and Elaine Stevens 231; high series handicap, Debbie Smith 647, Stephanie Millay 639, Rachel Tuttle 626.

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