LEWISTON – Gloria Kilner of Guntersville, Ala., made a surprise visit on Aug. 17 to Lewiston City Hall to seek out those she’s corresponded with about the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council. Kilner is vacationing in the area with her husband, Ed.

“Upon reviewing Lewiston’s youth council Web site and communicating with city staff as to what the youth have accomplished, should my pursuit of a youth council develop in my area, I’d like to model it after the Lewiston initiative,” said Kilner.

Mayor Lionel Guay was on hand to meet the Kilners and added, “The fact that Mrs. Kilner would like to model an Alabama youth council after Lewiston’s is a wonderful testament to how effective our youth council is. LYAC members are to be commended for their continued hard work and positive representation of the city of Lewiston.”

While in the building, Guay and Community Relations Coordinator/LYAC Co-Adviser Dottie Perham-Whittier showed the Kilners the multi-story display of Lewiston’s 1891 E. Howard timepiece that LYAC, in partnership with Councilor Normand Rousseau, raised over $25,000 to place.

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