SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Olge Sweatt to Dennis and Jan Barker, in Bethel.

Wanda DePalma to Town of Canton, in Canton.

Ralph E. Campbell Jr. to Randy A. Campbell, in Canton.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Scott Strout and Cynthia M. MacDonald, in Mexico.

Anthony W. and Sandra F. Martin to Twila L. Babos, in Dixfield.

Dinah Guildford to Daniel L. and Roberta L. Soucy, in Rumford.

Joe E. and Penny Bernier to Jennie M. Bernier, in Upton.

Joe E. and Penny Bernier to Neil Bernier, in Upton.

Arthur H. Emery and Lawrence Coolidge and Stephen Phillips and Stephen Phillips Trust Agreement to Edward D. Leonard III and Land Exchange Trust, in Township.

Land Exchange Trust and Edward D. Leonard III to Timothy A. Ingraham and Lawrence Coolidge and Arthur H. Emery and Estate of Stephen Phillips, in Township.

Savage land Development LLC to Nicholas C. Haritos (2), in Bethel.

Wallace C. and Karlene F. Miller to Mark P. Whiting, in Dixfield.

Stephen G. Cairns and Nancy E. Watson to Richard A. Schur Jr., in Norway.

Ryan and Trisha Malloy to Tarnya and Jason Constantino, in Sumner.

Elizabeth G. Adams and Elizabeth G. Tuttle to Gerald J. and Patricia A. Tuttle, in Waterford.

Alan Sadler to Susan Hopkins, in Paris.

Julie A. Morrill and Julie A. Heikkinen to Theresa M. and Chauncy L. Sargent, in Oxford.

Nicholas C. Haritos to Eric M. and Jennifer P. Easley, in Bethel.

Charles Peter and Margaret Mary and Charles P. and Margaret M. Ablondi to Community Concepts Incorporated, in Rumford.

Edward R III and Sue E. Fontaine to Calvin N. and Tammy Schmersal Burgess, in Rumford.

Estate of Neil D. Gilbert and Travis M. Gilbert to Travis M. Gilbert, in Bethel.

Travis M. Gilbert to Travis M. and Mary Jane and Brent A. Gilbert, in Bethel.

Johan and Saul Schwind to Rebecca A. Schwind, in Roxbury.

NES Real Estate Management Inc. to Androscoggin Properties LLC, in Rumford.

William J. Sweeney Jr. to William J. Sweeney Jr. and Mary Margaret Collins, in Newry.

Joseph Edward Martin III to Melissa D. Philbrick and Meadow Brook Realty Trust, in Rumford.

Louann B. and Gale C. Bell to Frank Delduca, in Bethel.

Tommy E. Barrios to Laurie H. Reynolds, in Albany Township.

Garry H. and Pauline E. and Eric J. and Lynn M. Billingkoff and Lynn Billingkoff Smith to Carl St. Jernfeldt, in Newry.

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to David A. and Frances m. Head, in Bethel.

James G. and Norma J. Palmer to David J. Rogers, in Norway.

Estate of Jeanette S. Brown and Peter H. Brown (pr) to Matthew J. and Corey A. New, in Paris.

Peter H. and Jeannie S. Munro to Jeannie S. Munro, in Bethel.

Peter H. and Jeannie S. Munro to Peter H. Munro, in Bethel.

Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. and James C. Puiia to Michael T. and Kimberly J. Papsadora, in Rumford.

James C. McBride to Eastern Slope Properties LLC, in Norway.

Peter L. Hayes to Stephen W. Cox and Cox Family Trust, in Otisfield.

Kenneth E. Newell to Kenneth E. and Maria A. Newell, in Albany Township.

Ilona Schneider to Ilona Schneider and Ilona Schneider Family Trust, in Greenwood.

Justard Family Trust and Virginia T. Justard to David G. and Sally J. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Iris Pulkkinen to Kenneth Pulkkinen, in Hebron.

Howard Willets III and Christine L. Ward to Candace Cohn Glider, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to John F. Mulcahey Jr., Jack D. and Shannon L. Thibeault, both in Bethel.

Alan A. Day to Frederick J. and Janet R. DeVereux, in Paris.

Joel Zufelt and Charles Longley and Deering Memorial Methodist Church and Methodist Episcopal Church to Brian T. Landis, in Paris.

David and Virginia P. Boyce and Phyllis M. Boucher to William E. and Rhonda J. Kenney, in Norway.

David and Virginia P. Boyce and Phyllis M. Boucher to David and Virginia P. Boyce, in Norway.

Carolyn F. Edwards to Carolyn F. and James N. Edwards, in Otisfield.

John P. Cates to John P. and Lisa Cates, in Buckfield.

Clifton R. and Charlotte C. Snedeker to Clifton R. Snedeker and Charlotte C. Snedeker Revocable Living Trust and Clifton R. and Charlotte C. Snedeker, in Norway.

Lloyd L. Poland to L and L Land Development Inc., in Woodstock.

Sally A. Brown and Georgia Garneau to Johnathan C. Scangas and Angie S. Miles, in Norway.

Peter S. and Janet P. Brown to James E. and Tracey G. Hurst, in Woodstock.

Robert J. McPhee to Robert J. and Phyllis R. McPhee, in Dixfield.

David F. and Glenda Mayo to David G. and Sally J. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Larry E. and Nancy C. Farmer to Darren John and Kristy Lynn Dillingham, in Norway.

Timothy and Caitin Luff to Donald H. Gouin, in Norway.

Gary M. Casey to Gayle A. Casey, in Rumford.

Brian L. Lufkin and Jennifer D. Marston to Ricky W. Sr. and Denise A. Marston, in Peru.

Malcolm Gross to A. and B. Equipment, in Rumford.

Wanda and Linda Kuras and Linda Kuras Rubin to Oxford Mines Inc., in Peru.

Carlos B. and Kim B. and Carlos Nieves to Michael J. McCluskey, in Canton.

John Cochrane and John Cochrane and Joseph Howell to John and Donna H. Cochrane, in Township.

Paul B. and Linda M. Slavin and Linda M. Thorpe to Jonathan W. and Linda M. and Norman C. O. Miller, in Waterford.

Sylvia B. Ellingwood to Kenneth W. Ellingwood and Monique M. Taylor, in Paris.

Robert A. Huotari to Debra Kangas, in West Paris.

Conrad R. Pointon to David R. Jr. and Dena M. Barker, in Oxford.

Wendy and Fred H. Austin to William F. and Judith A. Hawley, in Paris.

Sylvia G. Andrews and Donna L. Bean to Andrew L. and Pauline N. Flagg, in Otisfield.

Samuel E. and Erin L. Young and Pamela S. and Pamela Knox to Belinda D. Clark and Jill M. Millett, in Norway.

Eric D. Gilliam to Robert T. Healy, in Norway.

Peter A. and James M. and Thomas M. Dalrymple and Christopher T. DeMeritt to James R. Smith Jr., in Upton.

Vivian and Vivian M. Nokes to Richard S. Nokes and Nokes Family Trust, in Rumford.

Andrew E. Knowles to Jeffry R. Barry, in Dixfield.

Brian W. and Marina E. and Lisa M. Sessions to Annette and Greg Harmon, in Bethel.

Bradley L. Buckley to Benjamin N. Welch, in Dixfield.

James W. Jr. and Lena E. Taylor to John L. Jr. and Heiderose Lester, in Paris.

Jennifer E. Buschmann to Jacqueline G. Morton and Birch Island Partnership LLC, in Norway.

JPV Associates LLC to Judy Brown Dunn, in Paris.

Barry W. and Joan E. Hill to James M. and Loretta L. MacDonald, in Norway.

Miller J. and Megan S. Vanvliet to Audrey W. Katz and Audrey W. Katz Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Ricky L. and Tammy D. Reilly to Ricky L. and Tammy D. Reilly and David H. and Patricia L. and Michael J. Marshall, in Norway.

Harold K. and Toni M. Nisbet to Sandra J. and Berl E. Nisbet, in Rumford.

James M. and Loretta L. MacDonald to Carlos and Carlos D. and Christine Rivera, in West Paris.

David C. Crockett to David C. and Joann Crockett, in Bethel.

Katherine E. and Douglas W. Herrick to Katherine and Darcy and Kyle Herrick, in Otisfield.

Richard J. Meaney to Manley and Lisa Doughty, in Canton.

James S. Fernald and James S. Fernald Revocable Trust and Linda R. Fernald and Linda R. Fernald Revocable Trust to James R. Smith Jr., in Upton.

Bruce T. Ellis to Thomas B. and Sharon A. Sinclair, in Mexico.

Marshall L. Sinclair to Janice Umbro, in Milton Plantation.

Benjamin V. and Stephanie M. Bolen to Bruce W. and Deanna L. Fowles, in Bethel.

Marina Poutiatine and Estate of Dimitry Poutiatine to Marina Poutiatine, in Upton.

Mary Ellen and M. Ellen Fogg and Kevin P. Clark to Brian R. and Kelly J. Edwards, in Otisfield.

Susan P. and William Herlihy to Bruce S. and Suzanne N. Pierce, in Newry.

Faith A. and Susan H. Townsend and Stephanie S. Townsend to Zofia M. Levine and Brenda M. Ostolski, in Norway.

Peter and Jennifer Atwood to Eric S. Anderson and Geraldine A. Schneider, in Bethel.

Rick M. and Jennifer Carter to Kenton E. Richardson, in Waterford.

River View Timeshare Trust to Paul E. and Vicki May Billings, in Bethel.

Gary C. Brink and Jill C. Rundle to Jill C. Rundle, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill LLC to Sunset Hill Road Association, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill Road Association to Gary Christopher Brink and Jill C. Rundle, in Bethel.

Gary C. Brink and Jill C. Rundle to Jill C. Rundle, in Bethel.

Gary Christopher Brink and Jill C. Rundle and Chris and Gary C. Brink to Margaret J. Facey, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill LLC to Margaret J. Facey, in Bethel.

Perley W. and June L. Dunn to James L. and Carol L. Dunn, in Buckfield.

Town of Peru to Marvin Binette, in Peru.

Town of Peru to Wayne and Gail Putnam, in Peru.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to Homestead Homes Inc., in Otisfield.

Homestead Homes Inc. to David M. Ellis, in Otisfield.

Michael Jr. and Melissa Monzo to Theresa Gibson and Vincent Galbo, in Bethel.

Thomas S. and Kimberly R. Piffath to Warren D. and Marcia B. Stearns and Warren D. and Marcia B. Stearns Living Trust, in Greenwood.

Warren D. and Marcia B. Stearns and Warren D. Stearns and Marcia B. Stearns Living Trust and Marsha B. Stearns and Warren D. and Marcia B. Stearns Living Trust to Warren D. and Marcia B. and Warren D. and Marcia B. Stearns Living Trust, in Greenwood.

John A. and Heidi K. Marotta and JAM Realty Trust to Kevin and Scott and Dean and Brian Munro and Four Brothers Realty Trust, in Newry.

Suzanne N. Pierce and Suzanne Newson to Richard L. Dennen, in Bethel.

Edward McGarry and Brian G. Buckley to Christine L. Ward and Howard Willets III, in Bethel.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Mark R. Harrington, in Newry.

Ronald S. Smith to Custom Built Homes Inc. and Maine Homecrafters, in Newry.

Custom Built Homes Inc. and Maine Homecrafters to Ryan C. Moltenbrey, in Newry.

Randall Henderson and Erica Wiggin and Erica and Melissa S. Henderson to Herman and Jolene Doughty, in West Paris.

William R. Jr. and Michelle Adams Dixon to Jared H. and Margaret E. Holden, in Newry.

Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas to William A. Goff, in Roxbury.

Paris Cape Historical Society to Brenda L. Sessions, in Paris.

Tracy A. Bradbury and Maureen A. Concannon to Peggy S. Turner, in Paris.

James E. and Michelle L. Jones to Timothy L. and Lorie A. Paradis, in Hebron.

David J. and Lisa M. Gastonguay to Deborah B. and Jacey S. Perkins, in Peru.

Brenda and Brenda M. Jamison to Timothy W. Jamison, in Mexico.

Timothy W. Jamison to Brenda J. Jamison, in Mexico.

Brenda and Brenda M. Jamison to Jennifer and Christopher Jamison, in Mexico.

Norman H. McCafferty and Joan E. Abrams to KRY Inc., in Buckfield.

Bruce D. White and Judith A. White to Francis T. and Dawn C. Minigell, in Norway.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Company to Robert D. and Pamela E. Dillingham, in Oxford.

Roger A. Young to McNeil Logging Corporation, in Hartford.

Estate of Richard F. Plachy and Jenifer T. Jane and Jenifer T. Jane Plachy and Jenifer Jane and Jenifer Tifft to Kevin and Gale Barbaris Emde, in Peru.

John F. and Julie A. Henry to Jeffrey C. Higgins and Michael Theberge, in Hartford.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to John Lovely, in Mexico.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to John Lovely, in Rumford.

C. and S. Realty LLC to John Sullivan, in Rumford.

Todd D. Posey to Karen M. Pemberton, in Waterford.

Ray Corporation to Kimberly A. Ray, in Paris.

Keys North LLC to Steven and Julie Heikkinen, in Paris.

Patricia R. Gott to Truman Corporation, in Oxford.

Jay L. Boschetti to State of Maine DOT, in Bethel.

Kenneth and Kenneth J. MacPherson to Kenneth J. and Reta S. MacPherson, in Peru.

Callie E. Tuttle to Callie E. Tuttle, in Rumford.

Robert and Robert P. Bourassa to Angela Bourassa, in Byron.

Hamlyn and Bodwell LLC to Marian Y. Williams and Michael J. Curran, in Norway.

Charles S. and Anne C. and Pamela Avery Witham to Donald J. York, in Otisfield.

Timothy S. and Cindy J. Rines to Bernard R. Page Jr., in Paris.

Stephen B. and Deborah Ann Smith Mooney to Lorna and Michael Nikitas, in Waterford.

Randall E. Malm to Randall E. and Brenda C. Malm, in Woodstock.

J. Brenda McMorrow to Stuart Davis, in Oxford.

Robert E. and Annunciatta L. Hunter to Todd S. and Diane L. Vafiades, in Oxford.

Fred D. Blonder to Fred D. and Margery S. Blonder, in Dixfield.

Lewis H. Parker to John and Pamela Waite, in Canton.

Christy Beth Moore to June Remignanti, in Oxford.

Lawrence M. Austin to Richard L. and Patricia S. Austin, in Norway.

Peter G. Keenan to Rolfe Timber Corporation, in Waterford.

Peter G. Keenan to Joseph H. Rolfe, in Waterford.

Mark A. and Bonnie L. Howland to Mandy M. Lewis, in Waterford.

David G. Erickson to David G. and Jacqueline E. Erickson, in Waterford.

Rolfe Timber Corporation to Edward R. Ropple Jr. in Waterford.

Michael and Penelope Bourque to Sean N. Abbott and Adrienne A. Perry, in Hartford.

Bruce H. and Therese J. Parker to James A. Fogg and Lindy S. Chisholm, in Buckfield.

Nancy J. Graiver and Nancy J. Emerson to William F. Graiver, in Oxford.

Christopher S. Stonionis to Amy Bergonzi and Ross Ferguson, in Norway.

Arthur E. and Jeannette R. Hutchins to Joel Young and Jennifer L. Hutchins, in Andover.

Vida Vongsay to Robert L. and Jane V. Grover, in Sumner.

Frank A. Crossman to Richard F. Dyer and Sharon E. Warren, in Hartford.

John Joseph and John J. Allenshepski to Dean A. and Kimberly J. Presutti, in West Paris.

Richard J. and Joyce A. Young to Alan and Mabel Buckler, in Otisfield.

David B. and David A. Bragg to Renald A. and Jody L. Provencher, in Sumner.

Robert A. Brown to Gretchen K. Anderson, in Hanover.

Robert B. and Robert Testani to Keith B. and Keith Testani, in Hanover.

Keith B. Testani to Ron E. and Suzanne M. Hoffman and Nicholas A. and Janice R. DeMasse, in Hanover.

George and Brenda Vlahakis to George S. and Helen E. Manemanus, in Rumford.

Mountain Valley Land Company LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Western Maine Custom Builders, in Bethel.

Barbara Bobzein (Cons.) and estate of George H. Breau to Janine G. Marston, in Byron.

Jean B. McQuade and estate of James Harold McQuade Sr. and Estate of J. Harold McQuade to Jean B. McQuade, in Rumford.

Elizabeth M. K. Ames to Heather L. and Robby Green, in Mexico.

Carol E. and Peter D. Quinn to Alison M. Theriault and Troy A. Mills, in Paris.

Arlene E. Silverman and Henri R. Arsenault to Arlene E. Silverman and Henri R. Arsenault, in Sumner.

Gary B. Reed Jr. and Dana M. LeZoche to Eric Forest, in Woodstock.

George W. and Pauline F. Welch to Kristen M. and Ty Giverson, in Dixfield.

William L. and Daniel and Bruce Gray to Eric D. and Jennifer C. Lapham, in Newry.

Chelsey J. Gonzalez to Jeffrey S. Burkett, in Norway.

Landfall Investments LLC to William Kirkwood and Judith A. Malay, in Oxford.

Leo Castonguay to Joel E. and Kimberly M. French, in Oxford.

Snowflake Properties LLC and Northeast Bank FSB to Phyllis A. Bancroft.

Gayle M. Potts to Deborah C. Lamb, in Otisfield.

Lee L. Rice to Steven L. Seams, in West Paris.

Bonita M. Sessions and Brian Strickland to William P. and Nancy P. Asbury, in Greenwood.

Michael Jr. and Jeanie Sylvester to Bonita M. Sessions and Brian J. Strickland, in Greenwood.

Roberta H. Doughty to Rhonda A. and Peter C. Wood, in Norway.

Karen Harris and Robert L. Gips to Keith A. and Penny E. Savage, in Woodstock.

Margaret D. and Charles K. Wille to Charles K. Wille, in Albany Township.

Barry and Steven and William Cordwell and Thelma Cordwell Mills to Gerald D. Kilgore Jr., in Norway.

Estate of Albert C. Smith and Jalna F. Smith to Thomas Williams, in Oxford.

Christopher and Erin K. Wainwright to Timothy and Heather Shorey, in Canton.

Rodney H. and Jane C. Kimball to Stephen J. Tolmie and Teresa M. Strong, in Waterford.

Joseph H. Rolfe to Rolfe Timber Corp., in Waterford.

Keith M. Shields to Keith M. and Jody L. Shields, in Buckfield.

Waterford Properties to Salvatore C. and Mary Penza, in Norway.

Lloyd L. Poland to Jeff Souza, in Rumford.

Avery J. Angevine to Brent C. and Lori R. Angevine, in Bethel.

Robert D. Lemieux to J. Eentiahs LLC, in Andover.

Richard A. and Linda M. Theriault to Josephine M. and Joseph Gower, in Rumford.

Suzanne Castelli to Bonnie and Normand Legere, in Otisfield.

Roger E. and Rhonda L. Belanger to Joanne M. Hicks, in Hanover.

Cestio LLC to DRF Properties LLC, in Mexico.

D and M Properties LLC to DRF Properties LLC, in Rumford and Dixfield.

Bonita J. Cantelo to Kelley S. Chiasson and Kelley S. and Ivan M. Jr. Churchill, in Rumford.

Town of Buckfield to Barbara A. McKenzie, in Buckfield.

William H. and William H. Jr. and Dorothy P. Broomhall and Dorothy Arsenault to Donald K. and Lori A. Martin, in Rumford.

Golden Mean Restorations Inc. to William B IV and Elizabeth G. Rice, in Paris.

James A. and Bonnie J. Cameron to Augusto and Nelida L. Sapone, in Norway.

Elizabeth M. Robinson to John C. and Natalia A. Robinson, Oxford.

Michael J. and Janice L. and Janis L. Hobin to James M. Corbo, in Newry.

Trevor Tenney and MEM Trust to Fred Tenney, in Norway.

Jay R. McLaughlin to Lee J. McLaughlin, in Rumford.

Diane J. and Kenneth W. Gammon to Beddington Associates LLC, in Norway.

Gary and Nancy VanPelt to Steven M. and Christopher D. VanPelt and Vicki E. VanPelt Craig, in Oxford.

Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young to Stephen E. and Shawnna L. Coombs, in West Paris.

Andrea M. Beaudet to Chad T. and Bridget M. Culleton, in Hartford.

Ann D. Knowles to Ann D. and John E. Knowles, in Newry.

Jerry Jay and Jason John Fontaine to Bryan and David Wayne and Jeffrey John Fontaine, in Byron.

Bruce H. and Theresa J. Parker to Jason A. Fogg and Lindy S. Chisholm, in Buckfield.

Warren G. Sr. and Barbara A. Wright to Donald J. Bernard and Bernard Construction, in Buckfield.

David B. and Lynn M. Frost and Lynn M. Chartier to Brendon L. Rackliff, in Dixfield.

Douglas L. and Terri L. and Homer C. Jr. and Edith T. Smith to Adam D. Smith in Bethel.

Tammy L. Billings and Tammy L. Glover to Tammy L. and Anthony Billings, in Norway.

Colin L. Groves to Luther L. Grover, in Norway.

Stephen Duane and Marianne Venuti Malcom to Lauretta D’Orazio, in Newry.

Waterford Properties to Kevin J. and Annette L. Nelligan, in Waterford.

William F. and Patricia E. Guy to William F. Guy Jr., in West Paris.

Carol A. and Carol Goodman to Michael S. Averill II, in Buckfield.

Estate of Leslie L. Wilson and Elizabeth R. and Peter L. Wilson and Michelle Wendell to Lloyd L. Poland, in Woodstock.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Estate of Casey Tibbetts to Robert E. and Linda S. Kane, in Otisfield.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to David S. Whittier, in Norway.

Emile A. Faucher to Valerie J. Mahar, in Hanover.

Elizabeth S. Lavallee and Estate of Alzena S. Sargent and Estate of Alzena L. Sargent to Elizabeth S. Lavallee, in Bethel and Township.

James H. and Sandra J. Calyer to James H. and Sandra J. Calyer, in Magalloway Plantation.

Beulah E. Evans to Suzanne J. Bernhard and James H. Holman in Dixfield.

John C. Harrison to Randall J. and Gary M. and Peter J. Harrison, in Otisfield.

Leo M. and Justine F. Goguen to Peter and Martha Carignan, in Roxbury.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Co. to Jose A. Figueroa, in Oxford.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Paul J. Kelly and Cynthia E. Famulari, in Newry.

Laurie J. Sevigny and Cindy L. Walker to Charles A. Lowe and Fran J. Begin, in Greenwood.

Joseph and Gail St. Hilaire to Johan H. and Kristin L. Romer, in Waterford.

Matthew J. and Joan D. Leland to Henry R. and Marie W. Coons, in Otisfield.

Randall C. and Judith Smith to Dean E. Martin, in Hebron.

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