AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) – Kidnappers released a Dutch multimillionaire’s daughter unharmed, but it was unclear if any ransom was paid to the abductors, who had demanded 660 pounds of cocaine, police said Thursday.

Claudia Melchers, 37, walked barefoot into a train station in the town of Arnhem on Wednesday night. Her appearance came 48 hours after two armed men gained entry into her Amsterdam apartment, bound her, bundled her into a plastic crate, and loaded her into a vehicle.

“We don’t know why she was released,” said police Commissioner Willem Woelders.

He said as far as police know, no ransom was paid and the family didn’t have any contact with the kidnappers.

Her father, Hans Melchers, is one of the richest men in the Netherlands, with a personal fortune estimated at $650 million.

Woelders said police did not know why the kidnappers demanded cocaine, or whether such a delivery could have been arranged on such short notice.

“That’s a tough question for a policeman because it is not my daily business. … The quantity is very large and you would need to have the right contacts to do it quickly. I think it is unlikely.”

The kidnapping came a month after customs authorities seized 10,000 pounds of cocaine in the Port of Rotterdam, in one of the largest drug busts by Dutch authorities. It was not clear if there was a connection with the kidnappers.

Woelders said that Claudia Melchers told police she was held in an empty room of a house, got clothes and food, and was allowed to bathe. She said she saw three men, two who appeared to be Latin Americans and one who was black.

She was disoriented after her release, with minor cuts on her wrists where she was bound, but otherwise unharmed, Woelders said.

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