SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Robert P. and Gary Bahre to Daniel R. Lebel and Kristina M. Schorr, in Hebron.

Jolene V. Witham to Timothy William and Marisol Petargue Witham, in Paris.

Alan C. McNeil to Mark McAlister, in Hartford.

Joseph Jarvis and Edith Bellegarde to Neil A. and Penelope A. Terkelsen, in Woodstock.

Harold N. and Myrtie F. Kullgren to Brian F. and Bruce H. Kullgren, in Magalloway Plantation.

Blynn F. Thurston to Blynn F. and Janice G. Thurston, Norway.

Kendall W. Cooper to K. W. Cooper and Sons LLC, in Buckfield.

Carol L. Boden to Carol L. and Gary Boden, in Bethel.

Linda S. and Scott C. Jordan to Judith A. Tousignant, in Hebron.

Allan R. and Dallas M. Olson to Alan R. Olson and Allan R. Olson Revocable Living Trust and Dallas M. Olson and Dallas M. Olson Revocable Living Trust, in Newry.

Julie A. Thibodeau to Brenda Moore Stickney, in Andover.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Arthur L. and Beth E. Prue, in Norway.

Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young to Leo J. and Leif S. Castonguay, in Paris.

Anthony and Pamela Morra to Bisco Properties LLC, in Norway.

Esther M. and William Kenney to David A. Kenney, in West Paris.

Romeo J. III and Wanda J. Orino to Ralph and Paula M. Stewart, in Greenwood.

John W. Monroe and Jennifer M. Brook to Peter R. and Susan E. Bouchard, in Oxford.

Stephen R. McAllister to Normand J. Brulotte Jr., in Paris.

Normand J. Brulotte Jr. to Normand F. Jr. and June M. Jack, in Paris.

Jamie and Lester J. Kim to Steven C. and Kelli D. Bowers, in Norway.

Kim David Shea to Shawn E. Shea, in Peru.

Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. and James C. Puiia to Andre G. and Mary Ellen Carrier, in Rumford.

A and B Forestry Inc. to John E. Russell, in Peru.

Deborah Stewart to Harry J. McKenna, in Dixfield.

David L. Martin to Robert and David L. Jr. Martin, in Roxbury.

Frederick J. and Maude G. Allen to Susan J. Kelleher, in Andover.

Marshall W. Piper to Andrew S. Kronstadt, in West Paris and Woodstock.

Just Right Homes Inc. to Tracy M. and Scott D. Daniell, in Otisfield.

W. Cotton Damon II to Daniel E. Prindall, in Norway.

Daniel Prindall to Daniel and Susan Y. Prindall, in Norway.

Gary E. Smith to Henry and Lisa Pollard, in Oxford.

Gary E. Smith to Peter A. and Winona E. Bryce, in Norway.

Devin J. Benson to Devin J. Benson and Bethany Lobb, in Woodstock.

Edward R. Daye and Edward R. Day to Pines at Sunday River Development LLC, in Newry.

Justin D. Halterman to Estate of Thomas H. Ryan III, in Oxford.

Patricia L. Connors to Dana F. Conors, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Willard P. and Sheila F. Harris and Harris Family Trust.

Lloyd L. Poland to Kenneth W. and Sarah S. MacFawn, in Rumford.

Marie Anne Hanson and Estate of Urbain J. Arsenault to David A. Boothby and Janet R. Hansen, in Rumford.

State of Maine DHS Bureau of Elder and Adult Services and Estate of Arthur F. Swan to Christina M. Davis, in Paris.

Arthur S. Sanchas and Dorothy G. Sanchas and Margaret McNeal to Jennifer F. Kreckel, in Rumford.

Jennifer F. Krecket to Arthur S. and Dorothy G. Sanchas, in Rumford.

Arthur S. Sanchas and Margaret McNeal to Dorothy G. Sanchas, in Rumford.

Estate of Basil G. Bryant and Lola M. Gurschick to Basil Bryant II, in Hebron.

Dale R. Verrill to Homestead Homes, Inc., in Otisfield.

Homestead Homes Inc. to Matthew P. and Danielle M. Wilkinson and Alice M. Tallent, in Otisfield.

Cathy S. Jack to David J. Fraser, in Buckfield.

Lorraine T. Gaysunas to Christopher G. Molloy, in Newry.

Eugene and Beryl Christoph and Bonnie Koval to Donald J. Mason Jr. in Woodstock.

Thomas L. and Kristin D. and Joyce Linindoll to Mearle Burnell, in Paris.

Daisy L. Coolidge and Peter A. Mason to Peter A. and Christen A. Mason, in Bethel.

Leon and Joy Lou Mefford and Troy P. and Troy Webber to Christopher S. and Kimberly S. Mawhinney, in Paris.

Arthur A. Jackson to Ronald M. Jr. and Elizabeth Wadas, in Buckfield.

David M. and Tina Veras to David P. Chabe, in Buckfield.

Tracy A. Carter to Tracey A. and George F. III Carter, in Dixfield.

Malcolm A. French and T. M. Realty Trust to David G. and Adam D. Dupuis, in Sumner.

Estate of Merritt M. Kimball and Bertha H. Kimball to Daniel C. and Kristen K. Drew, in Waterford.

Keith Broomhall to Wayne M. and Cheryl Sevigny, in Rumford.

David L. and Tammy L. Carrier to Riverview Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

Riverview Timeshare Trust to David L. and Tammy L. Carrier, in Bethel.

Allens Dairy Farm Inc. to Roger T. and Lisa J. Rioux, in Hebron.

Leonard F. Adams to Leonard F. and Tania Adams, in Dixfield.

Lawrence LaPointe III to Gene and Variety Ellis, in Dixfield.

June L. Bean to Kristen M. and David S. Parthe, in Bethel.

Community Concepts Inc. to Richard Dunin Wilczynski, in Bethel.

Paule Messac to Jean M. and Christa Philogene, in Oxford.

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