n Three near-simultaneous suicide car bombs explode in downtown Balad, north of Baghdad, killing at least 60 people, wounding at least 70, hospital and police officials say.

n U.S. military announces five American soldiers killed Wednesday in roadside bombing during combat in western town of Ramadi, the deadliest single attack for U.S. troops in a month.

n British troops hand control of Camp Chindit Az-Zubayr, southwest of Basra, to Iraqi army, Ministry of Defense in London said. About 100 British soldiers moved to bases elsewhere in southern Iraq.

n U.S. forces raid Baghdad homes of two senior Sunni officials, arresting bodyguards and confiscating weapons, Sunnis said. Sunni political groups condemn the action, suggest it could derail Sunni efforts to win last-minute changes to Iraq’s draft constitution before Oct. 15 national referendum.

n In separate attacks, suspected insurgents open fire on Shiite bakery in Dora neighborhood of Baghdad, killing three civilians, and on minibus carrying government cleaners to jobs at city jails, killing two and wounding seven, police said.

n Two civilians and four police officers killed in drive-by shootings in Baghdad; 12-year-old child living in homeless shelter killed in nearby mortar explosion, police said.

n North of Baghdad, gunmen kill three members of Al-Khalis city council on their way home from meeting.

n Five-person lay leadership of Anglican church in Baghdad missing for two weeks, believed killed while driving from Jordan to Baghdad through insurgent-strong Anbar province, senior church official said.

By The Associated Press

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