The 2005 varsity boys’ soccer team has been faced with a problem that many athletes are familiar with. Last year’s boys’ soccer team was undoubtedly very successful and gave Leavitt soccer the respect it deserved. Although the team had to forfeit almost half of their games, they still managed the unthinkable, and pushed their way into the playoffs. The path of the 2004 varsity soccer squad would be an incredibly tough one to follow, which is exactly what this year’s team has been faced with. In order to maintain any portion of Leavitt’s previous reputation, the team of 2005 has had to work harder than ever. The team’s youth has definitely been an issue, but Coach Isaiah Davis hasn’t given up on the team nonetheless. The youth issue can be resolved with enough hard work and practice, but there is a greater obstacle in front of the team. What could this obstacle be one may ask? The answer is injuries. Injuries have served as the worst problem for Leavitt soccer lately.

It would be safe for one to assume that the amount of injuries have caused a great deal of annoyance for both the players and Coach Davis. “Soccer teams always have injuries,” says Davis. “Soccer actually has more injuries than any other sport.” Who would’ve thought that? The words of Matt Nash, a defenseman for Leavitt, best describes the team’s attitude towards the injuries: “It stinks.” Davis mentions that some of the causes for the injuries most likely could be “having up to three games a week, which doesn’t give the players much time to heal up.” It is because of their packed schedule that the players find themselves trying to work through the pain.

Leavitt started its season by playing the top teams in the league immediately. All of these games ended in losses, but that is not saying that the boys didn’t give a good effort. “We don’t want our starters out for the games, but the injuries have given a chance to the bench players,” Davis explains the effect on the team. “Once everyone is healed, we’ll be stronger.” Well, there you have it. There is a promising future for Leavitt this year. Let’s just hope that this bright future arrives soon for the boys’ varsity soccer team.

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