The first soccer game for Minot School was on September 12, and we tied with Raymond. It was a hard-fought game. The score was 1-1. This was an away game, played at the Raymond field. Game two was a home game; we played with the boys from St. Joe’s. Since we don’t have soccer fields in Minot, we have to play at Poland Regional High School. This brings me to another point. Our town has voted on having fields for all sports. The town of Minot has voted to build the fields and the townspeople have started working on the access road and they are coming along, but we don’t expect them to be ready for at least a year or so. All the students at Minot are really excited for them. It gets pretty hard playing a couple of towns away and calling that home!

Now let’s get back to the games. Our second game was challenging. We played a very hard game, but were still unable to win. We lost that game 5-1. For our third game, we played Richmond, but they were pretty tough. We lost 5-1 again, which made me get a little scared because this was our second loss. Our fourth game only the boys played St. Peter’s because they only had a co-ed team, and the girls’ team played two days before us against a school that only had a girl’s team. We won this game 5-1. This changed my attitude about my team because we were back on the winning side. Our game last week was against Buckfield and we tied 2-2. We were scheduled to play Sabattus on Thursday, September 29, but the downpours and heavy winds canceled our game.

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