Students from TMS are collecting donations for the hurricane relief fund. Mr. Wilson encouraged students to bring in food and water, and “Fill the Focus,” because he had just recently bought a Ford Focus station wagon.

Also students have been bringing in school supplies and books to fill backpacks of children who have had their school destroyed during the hurricane. The Civil Rights team has been encouraging kids to bring in notebooks, binders, pencils, paper, new/used backpacks, ect. So far we have filled 15 backpacks.

On Wed., Sept. 21, there was a final announcement to anyone who wanted to donate books for the relief effort. During SSR Mrs. Nadeau and her advisees helped load a truck full of donations. This truck later drove to all the schools in the district doing the same. The district collected over 132 boxes of books. Some students even wrote notes of encouragement, or started pen pal programs.

On Fri., Sept. 23, students participated in a change drive to help the cause. This event was facilitated by Mrs. Stacey Pellerin, who is Turner’`s volunteer coordinator. The change was then counted through the assistance of the Androscoggin Bank and was a total of $4,903.78!

We hope our contributions will make a difference in the lives of many children and families devastated by the effects of this unfortunate disaster.

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