On Friday, September 16th, the St. Dominic RHS National Honor Society threw a Freshman Game Night for the incoming 9th graders. This night was to be a sort of ice-breaker for the freshman and a chance for them to socialize outside of class.

The night began with a game where each group of about 15 people holds hands and is entangled with each other. They try to untangle without letting go of each others’ hands. Everyone was already laughing and having a good time before the games started!

Students had a wide variety of games and activities to choose from: decorating cookies, interactive story telling, assassin, scavenger hunt, jeopardy, flashlight tag, and many more. The interactive story telling was actually a type of improvisation theater game. Groups were given a bag of props and had 15 minutes to create a skit. The cookies were delicious, although some were decorated too beautifully to eat. Everyone agreed that the activities were tons of fun.

After the activities, the entire class gathered in the commons for a snack and a game of bingo. Everyone was huddled around a few tables exchanging cell phone numbers and screen names. You could tell that this night was definitely the beginning of some great friendships. Thank you NHS!

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