LEWISTON – Northeast Bank has donated $1,000 to the Opportunity Farm of New Gloucester in support of their efforts to serve Maine children who are unable to live at home due to issues of poverty, single parent families, marital strife, neglect and abuse.

“With Maine’s aging population, it is so important to meet the needs of our youth who are challenged by life’s hardships by providing a new beginning, a fresh start on their lives,” said Marcel Blais, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Northeast Bank. “We are pleased to be able to support Opportunity Farm and its continued efforts.”

Northeast Bank joined the ranks of many other local businesses that focus on keeping organizations like Opportunity Farm sustainable. “The more that the business community can help make education and learning a positive experience for each child, the more these young people will mature into self-reliant, responsible and contributing adults,” said Ron Scott, farm president.

Opportunity Farm was founded in 1910 as a residential group-home for boys. Today, the farm is a modern, social-service facility where daily life is guided by the Motivational Teaching Program, similar to the program at Nebraska’s Boys Town.

While the farm has adapted to modern times, its fundamental mission has remained unchanged: to provide safe, supportive, family-style homes for at-risk young people in Maine, and to help them become self-reliant, responsible and contributing adults.

For more information, call 926-4532 or visit www.opportunityfarm.org. Information regarding Northeast Bank can be found at www.northeastbank.com or by contacting 1-800-284-5989.

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