LEWISTON – The following divorces were granted recently in Maine 8th District Court.

John Baldaro of Buckfield and Tracy Baldaro of Dunedin, Fla., married Aug. 12, 2004, in Buckfield.

Jeffrey Druzba of Livermore Falls and Amy Druzba of Rumford, married Aug. 17, 2002, in Livermore, custody of one child to be shared.

Romeo Hines of Greene and Maureen Hines of Sabattus, married Sept. 3, 1988, in Lewiston, custody of one child to be shared.

Gualberto Jimenez of Auburn and Daisy Jiminez of Auburn, married Feb. 1, 2002, in Jersey City, N.J., custody of one child to be shared.

Ronald Caron of Lowell, Mass., and Joline Caron of Minot, married Aug. 25, 1972, in Lewiston.

Calvin Spier of Durham and Karen Spier of Topsham, married Dec. 23, 1986, in Durham.

Gregg Miller of San Antonio, Texas, and Kelly Miller of Auburn, married June 11, 1994, in Auburn, custody of one child to be shared.

Scott Therrien of Lewiston and Joline Therrien of Sabattus, married May 24, 1994, in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Kimberly Lavoie of Livermore and Rhonda LaVoie of Livermore, married April 10, 1976, in Livermore.

Barrry McCarthy II of Frankfort and Jessica McCarthy of Greene, married Dec. 8, 2001, in Warren.

Shamarke Yonis of Lawrenceville, Ga., and Ubah Yusuf of Lewiston, married August 1990 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Daniel Pelletier of Lewiston and Patricia Pelletier of Lewiston, married Oct. 3, 1986, in Lewiston.

Reginald Madore of Lewiston and Della Madore of Lewiston, married Sept. 5, 2004, in Lewiston.

Salim A. Salim of Columbus, Ohio, and Qamar Dahir of Lewiston, married in 1980 in Somalia.

James Thomas of Auburn and Cynthia Thomas of Lewiston, married June 20, 1993, in Auburn.

Harold Savage of Buckfield and Robyn Savage of Auburn, married June 4, 1994, in Norway.

Michael Rugar of Danville and Angela Rugar of Lewiston, married July 29, 1995 in Danville, custody of one child to be shared.

David Collins of Lewiston and Sadie Collins of Lewiston, married March 17, 1991, in Portland.

Michael Parkin of Lewiston and Kathleen Parkin of Turner, married Dec. 10, 1988, in Lewiston, custody of three children to be shared.

Gordon Koehling of Freeport and Geraldine Koehling of Lisbon, married Sept. 9, 2002, in Auburn.

Michael Thomas of Hebron and Janice Thomas of East Poland, married July 13, 1991, in Auburn, custody of one child to be shared.

Robert Turcotte of Lewiston and Susan Dolbec-Turcotte of Lewiston, married Sept. 12, 1992, in Wallingford, Conn., custody of one child awarded to the plaintiff.

Russell Getchell Jr. of Lewiston and Maxine Hiscock-Getchell of Lewiston, married Aug. 14, 1999, in Lewiston.

David Martin of Sabattus and Gail Martin of Knoxville, Tenn., married Feb. 28, 1976, in Lewiston.

Sean Downs of Auburn and Erin Downs of Auburn, married June 21, 2003, in Poland, custody of one child to be shared.

William Keesee III in Gulton, Ga., and Heather Keesee of Lewiston, married June 2, 1998, in Jacksonville, Fla., custody of one child to be shared.

Santos Armilo of Chelsea, Mass., and Becky Romero of Auburn, married Feb. 2, 2001, in Chelsea, Mass.

Charles Wade Jr. and Bethanie Wade of Jay, married Aug. 24, 2001, in Turner.

David Hussey of Sabattus and Michelle Watson of Sabattus, married May 22, 2004, in Sabattus.

Kenneth Scribner Jr. and Liza Scribner of Greene, married Aug. 1, 1998, in Yarmouth, custody of two children to be shared.

David Dyer of Auburn and Bonita Lagasse-Dyer of Auburn, married April 17, 2000, in New Gloucester.

Laurier Marcoux of Lewiston and Diane Marcoux of Lewiston, married June 20, 1975, in Lewiston.

Bryant Bissonette of Auburn and Diane Bissonette of Auburn, married June 25, 1977, in Auburn.

Luke Vigneault of Auburn and Kathryn Vigneault of Auburn, married June 19, 2004, in Lewiston.

Rol Coty of Greene and Dana Coty of Topsham, married Sept. 9, 1989, in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Jason DeJohn of Lisbon Falls and Stacy DeJohn of Auburn, married May 22, 1999, in Auburn.

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