How does music influence young ears? A critical breaking-point in how kids act today has been based on more than domestic influences, it has been proven children are affected by the music they listen to. “I guess it all depends on what type of music,” says Kelly McNear, a fellow eighth grader, and really, she is correct.

Hard rock bands such as Deftones and H.I.M. have music that has proven increase in anger by the children who listen to it. We previously have heard of the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ influencing a group of kids in a school shooting, using the same style and clothing the actors Keanu Reeves, Cari-Anne Moss and Lawrence Fishburne wore. Could this be a possible example to the way children act today? I reviewed the soundtrack from this particular movie, and have heard serious outrage from parents about the music and the movie, I thought the soundtrack put on a raging hard-core music perception, which I could totally understand would make a person want to do something illegal.

“I use to like to listen to bands like Rob Zombie and My Chemical Romance, ever since my guidance counselor turned me toward Stacie Orrico and softer music, I have felt more positive and much happier,” says anonymous, who would like to keep her name private due to personal matters. So, could music possibly have a positive influence? Of course. featured an article about how musical interest influences what teens wear. ‘ “Celebrities – especially music celebrities – are very influential,” says Heather Askinosie, confounder of Energy Muse Jewelry.’

‘ “What I put in my songs reflects a big part of me and what is happening at that time,” says Gould, who was also featured in the article on,’ which then reflects the feelings on how teens feel, and also apparently affected the way they dress and act. Words are action in letters. In this article from Teens Today, a high school junior musician admits, ‘ “The reason I’m in a band is because of Bon Jovi,” James Hatterfield of Greensboro, North Carolina.’

A religious view on music from anonymous of Greene, says, “God loves [for] us to rejoice in music. But ‘bad’ music is, well, bad.” So good music has a good reflection of a good person?

Jon Foreman of the Christian rock band Switchfoot, told about a boy who was going through a rough time in a Rolling Stones interview, “One time after a show, a kid came up to me and hugged me, thanking me for the song ‘Dare You To Move.’ ” Apparently the kid was having a hard life and was close to suicide. This is one example of a positive effect.

I think when you have so many bad influences out there, such as Brittany Spears, Rob Zombie, Ciara, and rappers such as Jay Z and Eminem, come into play, a lot of people do think music is a bad influence. This is because they are so famous, and tabloids such as World News, and magazines like People, put out such a bad image. The truth is, that it depends on which musicians, or type of music, and how you view it. Remember to know before you assume.

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And Jon Foreman Of Switchfoot

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