SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

John and Marcia Rogers to Jeffrey A. and Virginia Brunelli, in Rumford.

Jamie and Everett E. and Addie Childs to John L. and Martha J. Witherell, in Peru.

Robert H. and Diana Worthley to Donald F. and Marilyn Worthley, in Mexico.

Prudence M. and Prudence Garbotz to Richard L. and Valerie L. Allen, in Byron.

Jeffrey J. and Catherine M. Furtado to Brian P. Bower, in Newry.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Douglas E. and Janet M. Wall, Russell P. and Sandra E. Guibord, in Bethel.

David J. Donaghey and Linda F. Rimini to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

David Donaghey and Linda Rimini to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Darren E. and Sherry L. and Darren and Sherry Weisse to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

MAPK Real Estate to James H. Morris, in Paris.

Kevin J. and Debra A. Raftery to Douglas G. Kotelly, in Newry.

Western Maine Custom Builders to Michel Pelletier, in Greenwood.

John J. and Elizabeth A. Blake to Deborah J. Blake, in Oxford.

Dian P. and Wade E. Rainey to Victor J. and Jane D. Wisniski, in West Paris.

Lloyd L. Poland to William A. and Kelly A. White, in Rumford.

Faye Abbott to Clifton A. Jackson, in West Paris.

Geraldine L. Wiley to Geraldine L. Wiley and Nancy J. Gilpatrick, in Paris.

Daniel J. Bernier to Peter G. Langelier and Naomi M. Bean, in Norway.

Eileen F. Hotham and Eileen F. Gammon to Eileen F. Hotham and Bethany S. Gammon, in Buckfield.

Theodore J. and Charlotte M. Tanguay to David and Theodore C. and Jacqueline Tanguay, in Byron.

Janice B. Davis to Rachel M. and Joshua E. West, in Paris.

Winifred E. Wright to Kenneth D. and Theresa C. Ralff, in Norway.

Michael J. O’Donnell to Michael J. and Barbara Sue O’Donnell, in Bethel.

Theresa Bastianelli to Edward A. and Mary Jo Kennett, in Bethel.

Elizabeth B. Jackson to Domenic and Serena Pugliares, in Bethel.

Bonita J. Cohen to David L. Sr. and Diane M. Borst, in Woodstock.

Savage Land Development LLC to Jeffrey D. White, in Bethel.

James W. and Kelly Burns to Ronald D. Fitts, in Oxford.

Robert A. and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Viitala to Jonathan and Michelle Fiumara Montgomery, in Dixfield.

Wendy S. Ross to Richard S. Jr. and Denise M. Palmer, in Newry.

Marlin L. Thurston to Louise Kangas, in Peru.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Dawn Perry to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., in Otisfield.

Norman A. and Rebecca Gagnon to Norman A. and Rebecca Gagnon, in Rumford.

Randall Clifton and Theresa Marie Stevens to Community Concepts Inc., in Norway and Buckfield.

Peter E. Bedard (pr) and Estate of Edmond J. Bedard to Community Concepts Inc., in Paris.

Laura M. and Parker B. Jr. Rand to Corporate Relocation Services, in Otisfield.

John C. Turner (tr) and Frederick W. and Frederick McAllister and Frederick W. McAlister and Susan L. and Susan McAllister to Paris Utility District, in Paris.

Gene H. Bell to Susan T. Chatterton, in Buckfield.

Gail L. Akin to Luke A. Kory, in Norway.

Carl W. Jr. and Carl Menici to Kevin S. and Kathleen M. Hawthorne, in Greenwood.

Michael G. and Martina C. DeBlois to Charles E. and Katherine Ferzoco, in Woodstock.

Walter S. Bailey and Susan A. Oliveria to Stanley Dillis and Alison Bird, in Newry.

William F. Smith to Teresa B. W. Yester, in Newry.

Christopher and Christopher A. Hayward to Carl E. Nightingale Jr., in Buckfield.

Donna M. Gammon to Donna M. and Tracy H. Gammon, in Andover.

John Turner Martin to Paul and Lisette Bolduc, in Mexico.

Maine Woodland Properties to town of Otisfield, in Otisfield.

Taliento Enterprises Inc. to town of Otisfield, in Otisfield.

Taliento Enterprises Inc. to Moose Pond Northwest Shores Homeowners Association, in Otisfield.

Robert A. Huotari to Robert Jeffrey and Tina M. Wade, in Norway.

Robert A. and Claire J. Lees to Russell G. and Eliza S. Cushman, in Newry.

Marion and Jessie Holman Trust and Laurier T. Raymond Jr. (tr) and David J. Backer (tr) to Demerritt Cemetery Association Inc., in Peru.

Audrey Elaine Watrous to John C. Poulios, in Woodstock.

Lloyd L. Poland to Joseph J. Puiia Jr. (tr) and Joseph J. Puiia Jr. Revocable Trust, in Rumford.

Robert C. Johnson to John F. and Julie J. Compagna, in West Paris.

Lisa S. and Walter J. and Lisa and Walter Chenevert to Brian and Mary Kelly Lavallee and Paul D. Stiles, in Rumford.

Ross A. Jerome Jr. to Juan A. and Jose A. Prieto, in Rumford.

Joan and Charlie Roberts to Steven J. and Kathleen Butler Simpson, in Hartford.

Mary E. Cullinan (by atty) to Timothy T. and Tamara Gamache, in Oxford.

Beddington Associates LLC to David M. and Judy Abbott and Walter R. and Marilyn Enman, in Paris.

Robert A. and Norma E. Davis to Percy McInnis, in Woodstock.

Thomas R. Carter to Beverly M. Fecteau, in Bethel.

William Page Asbury to Jeffrey G. Stearns, in Greenwood.

William Page Asbury to Jason A. and Virginie G. Forget, in Greenwood.

Timothy M. and Brooke B. Bulmer to Daniel and Jennifer L. Vieira, in Newry.

Brian W. and Marina E. and Lisa M. Sessions to Robert L. and Elaine E. Waugh, in Bethel.

David Reed (by atty) and Rachel M. Reed to Richard S. Gilmore Jr., in Bethel.

J.D. Properties LLC to John A. and Melissa Lovely, in Rumford.

Charles Eldon Jr. and Mary Ida and Ida M. Luther to Aaron D. Fergola, in Mexico.

Janice E. Rideout (tr) and David E. Rideout Revocable Trust to Mike M. and Susan R. Morin, in Paris.

Nancy T. Rideout to Mike M. and Susan R. Morin, in Paris.

Mountain Valley Land Co. LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Peter S. and Carol Sulidies Yerxa, in Bethel.

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