PARIS – The Oxford County 4-H program of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Mahoosuc Kids Association have initiated a teen self-expression, career education and rural development project with Oxford Hills Respect Team members, Oxford Hills and Telstar Middle school students.

Teens from across the county will participate in a series of workshops on self-expression, career and education planning, resume and portfolio writing, college preparation, job shadowing, job mentorship programs and rural development projects. The project, in the past, has included a career exploration in a rural area and a large metropolitan area.

The teen project will focus on the individual interests, talents and skills of the members. The Oxford Hills Respect Team and Telstar mentors, will assist with the development of the class and curriculum to reflect a self-exploration as well as a career and aspiration program.

In addition, Middle School students will be involved with the selection, design and implementation of a rural development project in their school communities or larger community, depending on the interests and focus of the teams.

For more information, phone Susan Jennings, at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, at 1-800-287-1482.

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