LIVERMORE – The Livermore Fire Department has been notified of acceptance to the Thermal Imaging Camera Program of the Galen Cole Family Foundation.

The foundation has helped hundreds of Maine fire departments acquire thermal imaging cameras as well as provide training for proper use of the cameras. The foundation has continued its program and is offering the opportunity to acquire a second camera for Livermore Fire Department.

Thermal imaging technology allows firefighters to “see” through smoke and darkness to recognize victims as well as locate the fire and reduce water damage and property loss.

“Livermore received a camera in 2003 and it has become a tremendous tool to improve our abilities as well as safety. The timing of the announcement is also perfect for us as we are expecting the delivery of a new fire truck very soon and will further enhance our ability to support our mutual aid partners,” said Fire Chief Randall Berry.

“The thermal imaging camera has been ordered and we may see delivery before the end of the year. We will be required to provide a portion of the cost as agreed to, with an initial payment by June 30, 2006 ,and final payment by Nov. 1, 2006. We already have some great friends willing to help us meet our goal,” Berry said.

Berry continued, “The Guilds at Guild’s Country Hardware have once again agreed to accept returnables on our behalf. This effort funded a large portion of our first camera. The Cullens at Maple Lane Golf Course are also planning a scramble and pig roast for the last Saturday in June 2006. They have held two similar events on our behalf, which have been extremely helpful and a lot of fun. We enjoyed a great deal of support from local citizens and the Livermore business community and have been grateful for their previous support.”

Contributions to the fund can be sent to Livermore Fire Department, Donald Castonguay, treasurer, 252 Gibbs Mill Road, Livermore, ME 04253.

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