WOODSTOCK – Selectmen have rescheduled their next meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 27.

The meeting, originally planned for Dec. 20, was rescheduled since only one selectman would be available because of other commitments during the holidays. The meeting on the Dec. 27 will convene at the usual time of 5 p.m.

Also on Tuesday, selectmen authorized Town Manager Vern Maxfield to research costs of a new bucket loader, if voters approve that purchase at the March annual town meeting.

During the discussion, Maxfield asked the board if the town should consider purchasing a new plow truck by trading the 1999 Sterling or go with a new bucket loader to replace the 1979 Michigan.

The board decided that the current fleet of trucks is in good shape and doesn’t need to be replaced.

It was noted, however, that the old bucket loader needs to be replaced before major costs are incurred to keep it in service.

Maxfield said, “We have about $125,000 in our highway-equipment account, so it wouldn’t mean raising any money whether we buy a new truck or a loader.”

Maxfield plans to report back to the board on several types of loaders as soon as he receives quotes from various dealers.

Maxfield reported that the town has received a good report from a recent safety inspection by the Maine Department of Labor, although some areas needed to be upgraded.

“I had a really good session with Tom Joyce from the Department of Labor,” he said, “and there are some things he said we need to do, and most of his recommendations have already been done. There weren’t any real serious problems and he told me our facilities were one of the better organized facilities he has been in.”

“All recommendations he made will be addressed very quickly,” Maxfield said.

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