In his letter to the editor Nov. 5, Rep. Thomas Shields tries to portray the Republican Party as the one that can fix any problem. Let’s take a look at that.

During the Clinton administration, this country had the first budget surpluses in decades. The bills were paid, and the economy was strong. Now, Republicans have controlled both the White House and Congress for the last five years, and what do we have?

America has corruption at the highest levels of government. They have given tax breaks to the extremely wealthy, while forcing middle-class Americans to foot the bill. They have cut needed services to veterans, the poor, the disabled and the elderly in order to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and to fund the war in Iraq. They have created a Medicare Part D drug benefit that only benefits the large and powerful drug manufacturers. They have left low-income Mainers out in the cold this winter – literally. They have created No Child Left Behind – which leaves children behind – and then didn’t fund it. They have created budget deficits and forced debt upon generations to come rather than paying their bills now.

Shields says we need to elect Republicans at the state level. We have seen what the Republicans will do should they win, and it would take Maine in a direction similar to that of the federal government – a direction which would only harm the majority of Maine people.

Rep. William Walcott, District 72, Lewiston