Dear Sun Spots: I want to thank all the angels among us that responded to my request for Malinda Liberty’s Christmas in Maine.

I was overwhelmed with the calls from the angels who fulfilled my wish. Merry Christmas to each of you.

Thank you, Sun Spots, for being there. – Genelle R. Gingras, Jay.

Dear Sun Spots: My husband has a deer hide he’d like to trade or give. There was a dealer in Turner, but it’s closed. Can you please tell us if there is anyone trading with deer hides in the area? Thank you. – Helen Souther, Livermore Falls.

Answer: Unfortunately, Sun Spots has not located any. Perhaps there are readers out there who know of some and who would be willing to share their resources with other column readers.

Dear Sun Spots: By the time I receive my Sun Journal, what was “current news” is “old news.” In reading my letter about apple brownies in the Nov. 28 column, I find that there was an omission in the ingredients listed. All three recipes that I sent called for ½ teaspoon soda and ½ teaspoon baking powder. This was printed as “½ teaspoon baking soda,” which appears to be a combination of the two.

I was surprised at the letter from “A Readfield Reader” in the Nov. 30 Sun Spots. If she had read my letter carefully, she would have seen that I stated that Marjorie Standish retired from CMP in 1973. My only question was whether she was still there when the CMP recipe was printed (Oct. 1973). I knew most of the facts that the Readfield reader put in her letter, but as my letter was about the recipe I didn’t think I needed to add extra information about Marjorie Standish. Because I knew her sister, Doris Allen, well (she predeceased Marjorie), I felt as though I knew Marjorie, too. I always read her columns and have her cookbooks (published in 1969 and 1973). – Madelyn P., Arlington, Mass.

Dear Sun Spots: How do I write to Zachary Browne who played Norman Bronski on the 1995 movie the “Man of the House”? And how old is he? And what is he doing now? Thanks for the help. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Browne will be 21 years old next March. Unfortunately, Sun Spots did not locate any contact address or current information. Perhaps readers out there familiar with this actor have information to share with you.

In the meantime, you might be interested in noting that Browne made his acting career in a guest appearance on the television show “Sisters.” He played a little boy in the episode “Second Thoughts” in 1991. He also stared as Damon Halstead in “Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love.” In 1992, he starred in “Renegade” and played Eli in the episode “Rio Reno.” He also starred in two movies, “Empty Cradle” and “To Sleep With a Vampire.” Shortly after he starred in “Man of the House,” a highly succesful family movie, working alongside Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett and Jonathon Taylor Thomas. He also acted in a number of “ER” epsisodes and also starred in “The Pretender” and “Seventh Heaven.” Browne has since starred in three films, “The Adventures of Young Brave,” “Darwin Conspiracy” and “Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season.” He has four older brothers and enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, surfing, roller hockey and ice hockey. His favorite type of music is rap, and his favorite colors are green and blue. He was born March 28, 1985, in Sacramento.

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