PARIS – Paris police arrested an 18-year-old after he called the police station while standing outside the building and screamed for the police chief to come out to fight him.

Sgt. Michael Dailey said Chris B. Lavine, 18, of Paris, first called the station at 1:30 p.m. Friday on his cell phone and ranted and yelled into the receiver without making any sense.

Sheila Giroux, the administrative assistant, took the call. “She had no idea what was going on, if someone was reporting a crime. She was pretty shook up by the call,” Dailey said Friday.

The man called again about 20 minutes later, and this time, made himself clear.

“He was continuously yelling for the chief of police to come out and fight him and if the chief didn’t come out, he was going to go inside and fight him,” Dailey said.

Police Chief David Verrier was not in. Dailey walked outside and Lavine dropped his cell phone and jacket and moved into a fighting stance, the sergeant said.

But he submitted to Dailey’s handcuffs without resisting.

Lavine was first taken to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway for a medical and psychological evaluation to determine if he was a threat to himself or others. Finding him OK, administrators sent him back to police, who put him in jail, Dailey said.

“He understood what he had done,” Dailey said. Lavine did not give a reason for his anger at Verrier other than he had some grudge against him, Dailey said.

Lavine was arrested on charges of terrorizing and disorderly conduct and was ordered not to return to the Paris municipal parking lot, which is located between the police station and the town office.

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