LEWISTON – The Farwell School second-quarter award recipients have been announced.

Grade two

Conscientious Students: Damon Bureau, Jordan Flynn, April Francisco, Gabriel Jacques, Kiana Melvin, Cody Merchant, Kassandra Reynolds, Amber Smith, Kyle Bean, Sade Dennis, Ashley Hatch, Dakota Tibbetts.

Most Improved Student: Dakota Tibbetts.

Grade three

Conscientious Students: Ismail Ahmed, Elijah Akerley, Ashley Bisson, Aaron Bissonnette, Mikaela Brown, William Curry, James Flynn, Nicholas Gillespie, Chase Manor, Corey Martin, Ryan Skillings, Jacob Ustach.

Also, Savanna Williams, Brandon Bernier, Richard Cremonese, Molly Grenier, Dion Jackson, Kelsey Lemieux, Xavier Mallard, Courtney Millett, Jami Morissette, Amber St. Onge, Chase Tapley, Erika Thibault, Dylan Woodsome.

Most Improved Student: Savanna Williams.

Grade four

Conscientious Student:s Samantha Cote, Chad Hinkley, Courtney Jacques, Ethan Melvin, Megan Pare, Mikaela St. Laurent, Meagan Sturgis, Jake Breton, Maegan Mathon, Michelle Walton.

First honors: Samantha Cote.

Second honors: Cameron Brochu, Courtney Jacques, Megan Pare, Mikaela St. Laurent, Meagan Sturgis, RJ Adil, Jake Breton, Casey Brochu, Nick Burpee, Emily Cloutier, Jessica Cote, Emily Fournier, Maegan Mathon, Ben Lowit, Michelle Walton.

Honorable mention: Nick Belanger, Brandon Leavitt, Tiffany Umsteadt.

Most Improved: Jake Breton, Michelle Walton.

Grade five

Conscientious Students: Aprill Clark, Casey Brownrigg, Thomas Hird, Morgan Lessard, Nick Moore, Takeisha Pagon, Tiffany Thanephonesy, Cassie Chung, Tyler Ford, Andrea Gemeinhardt, Brianna Lajoie, Kristen Miller, Tyler Thanephonesy.

First honors: Morgan Lessard, Kianna Turmenne.

Second honors: Thomas Hird, Tyler Ford, Andrea Gemeinhardt, Brianna Lajoie, Kristen Miller, Jasmine Proctor, Tyler Thanephonesy.

Honorable mention: Brook Begin, Cassandra Chung, Daniel Flannery, Kevin McArthur.

Most Improved: Matthew Snyder.

Grade six

Conscientious Students: Brandon Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Brittany Bergeron, Alyssa Bureau, Michelle Clark, Stacy Oswald, Casey Paladino, Matthew Sturgis.

First honors: Ryan Anderson, Courtney Aldrich, Drew Olehowski, Luke Olehowski, Casey Paladino.

Second honors: Krista Bissonette, Kevin Lavertu, Matthew Sturgis, Stacy Oswald, Rashonda Bailey, Paige Leblond, Forrest Melvin, Krista Thomas.

Honorable mention: Jonathan Colon, Aaron Manifold, Cody Mousseau.

Most Improved: Caleb Blakeley.

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