As a part of Catholic Schools Week, Holy Cross eighth graders held a Spaghetti Supper to raise money for the end of the year graduation. The eighth graders held it at Holy Cross Church hall. Once everybody was dressed up and ready to serve, people started to arrive. First we asked what the person would like to drink, then what salad dressing for their salad. Once the customer got through with the salad it was time for spaghetti! Oh! Don’t let me forget there was also dessert! This was a great experience for all the eighth graders… Especially those like me, considering how graceful I am, who may never have a chance like this again. We did make it through the night exceptionally well. We had no major accidents and we raised around $727 from tips. This gives each eighth grader about $22 dollars for graduation !!! For most of us we have been waiting for this moment since kindergarten. It was definitely worth the wait!

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