Eight Below

This movie is based on a true story. It tells the tale of three expedition guides who are forced to go back home because of a huge winter storm arriving in Antarctica. Unfortunately, they have to leave behind part of their team, the Huskies sled dogs. This is an action packed movie that really keeps you interested in learning a little more about the lifestyle of expeditionary guides and their bond with animals and the wild.

Heather Plourde


“I liked that the movie was really exciting, but I didn’t like how sad it was.”

4 stars

Shannon Timoney


“I thought the movie was good overall, on how it showed companionship between a man and animal. It was also was neat how they dogsled and all that stuff.”

3.7 stars

Danielle Cyr


“I thought this movie was a good family movie. It always kept the viewer interested and it showed a really close relationship between man and dog. These huskies were amazing! Animal lovers will enjoy this movie. It also had really neat shots of Antarctica.”

4 stars

Alyssa Plourde


“I liked it a lot. I cried…I didn’t like the ending, I thought it was over and then it wasn’t.”

4 stars

Overall Score: 3.9 stars

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