Dear Sun Spots: There are so many children who come into the care of the Department of Health and Human Services’ program, A Family for ME, here in Maine. They are often in need of so much, and there is little to nothing for them. So I have opened my heart and house even more to do as much as I can for these children who are going through a tough time. In order for me to do that I really need the help of you and your readers. I have started collecting new and used items to give to them as they come into the state’s care. These children are in desperate need of basic items like clothes, toys, personal hygiene items, books and more. I am hoping to turn my garage into a space (kind of like a store) for them so they can come and pick out their own clothing, toys etc., instead of me boxing up things to drop off to them. All my time, fliers, garage space, gas used to bring the clothing and toys to the children, is all from my heart, nonprofit. I do not receive any money/compensation from anyone.

We need shelving, clothing racks and any type of store merchandise display items, coat hangers, paint, Sheetrock (to finish off the ceiling in the garage and close in the door), door, picture window, 2-by-4 (to frame in the doorway and to build shelving), plywood to build cubical shelving and storage, cement to level floor, time donated to help put garage together.

Important items also needed: clothing (from infants to young adult), miscellaneous children’s items (from infants to young adult), toys (from infants to young adult), books, coloring books, crayons, school supplies, backpacks, new toothbrushes, combs, hair brushes, deodorant, perfume, cologne, etc… new Pampers, wipes, bottles, etc. New hair accessories, plastic bins, traveling bags, suitcases, clean boxes. All items must be in good, clean and safe condition.

If you make a donation please send a photo of you/company or a letter to be added to a bulletin for all the children to see the people who care and have made this possible for them.

One hundred percent of all donations will go and help children in need. Please help me! I may be reached at home 897-2872, cell 577-8457, work 353-5369, or at 287 Campground Road, Livermore Falls, ME 04254. – Melanie Rounds, Livermore Falls.

Dear Sun Spots: I enjoy your column very much. I need your help now to find the lady who picked up a play table on Feb. 27 in Lewiston for her grandson. She left a screw behind for the table. Please call me at (207) 783-3565. – Jeanne Pacheco, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: I read the letter from a reader who was looking for information about an ailment that a friend was experiencing. She has a problem with her feet, “a burning that keeps her awake at night.” My mother, who is 95 and lives with me, is also having the same issue. You suggested that the lady in question go to a podiatrist. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get my mother out for doctor visits and it would be a great service to find out what, in general, may be causing this problem. Perhaps other readers have also dealt with this problem and would be willing to share their experiences. Thank you. – Sleepless in Lewiston.

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