DIXFIELD – The Ludden Memorial Library Adult Reading Group met recently to discuss books that had been read during February.

“Flirting with Disaster” is the second book of a trilogy written by Cheryl Woods, a journalist and bookstore owner who has been writing since 1986. “Back Up Plan” is the first book. Both books are in Ludden’s collection. The third book, “Waking Up in Charleston,” is due to be published in May.

The reader found “Flirting” to be a pleasant story about Maggie, who has been left at the altar and wants nothing more to do with men. Through the course of the story she comes to realize that all is not lost and life really is worth living.

“The Day the World Came to Town” is an account of 9/11. When terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11, it was necessary for flight controllers to clear the air of all planes. The community of Gander, Newfoundland, which had a large air base formerly used by the military, soon found 38 planes with 6,595 strangers descending. The stunned passengers were amazed at the way the citizens of Gander rallied to provide housing, food and necessities during the five days they spent there. Even animals that were on the planes were cared for.

A reader reported on a book from her personal shelf, “Christ the Lord” by Anne Rice. It offers a different perspective of Christ’s life. The reader said she enjoyed the story, but had to keep in mind that it is a novel.

Another reader said she had read Jan Karon’s “Light From Heaven,” which had been discussed in an earlier meeting. It is the last book in the Mitford Series, with Father Tim and other characters.

Janette Oke’s “Beyond the Gathering Storm” was reported to be the last of a Canadian West Series. It continues to tell the story of the children adopted earlier in the series by Elizabeth and Wynn, a Royal Canadian Mountie and his wife.

Another Oke book enjoyed by the same reader was “Roses for Mama,” in the Women of the West Series.

An Oprah’s Book Club selection from the library shelves is “Gap Creek” by Robert Morgan. It is the story of a marriage in the world of the Appalachian high country. The disappointments and triumphs of the marriage lead to a satisfactory ending.

From the library’s new books was a report on Christopher Kennedy Lawford’s “Symptoms of Withdrawal.” He is the son of Patricia Kennedy and actor Peter Lawford. Born into privilege as well as burdened by family tragedy, he shared his life story.

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