AUBURN – The Edward Little High School Class of 1981 is planning for its 25-year reunion to be held on July 8 at Lost Valley.

The Reunion Committee consists of Dan Carroll, Lisa Carroll, Heather Hubbard-Hearn, Kelly Taylor-Scirroco, Patti Grenier-Gagne, Nancy Callahan, Mick Rousseau, Sheila Haley-Fennesy, Robin Bisson-Lacasse and Rose Nadeau-Gouelette.

Listed below are classmates the committee is seeking. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the following is asked to contact Lisa Carroll at 777-7060 or [email protected]:

Tina Abbott, Linda Alexander, Shirley Allen, Ruth Ames, Steve Ames, Donna Attwood, Keith Baston, Tim Bell, Andre Benette, Craig Bertrand, Gerard Berube, Roland Berube, Paul Bilodeau, Dennis Bisson, Gary Boilard.

Also, Michael Bosse, Donna Jean Bouchard, Michael Bouchard, Scott Bradford, Linda Brant, Tammy Brown, Charlene Cadman, Karen Cahill, Chelley Cameron, Mona L. Carbonneau, Candice S. Caron, Kevin Caron, Stephen A. Carr

Also, Donna L. Chabot, Paul P. Chabot, Liz Chandler, Richard R. Charest, Steven R. Cleary, Keith F. Clements, Lisa Marie Collins, John H. Conrad, Anthony R. Cote, Denise C. Cote, Raymond Cote, Mark D. Cothran, Michael Coulombe, Levi Arnold Coutts, Donald G. Couture.

Also, Randy Croteau, Larry A. Crowell, Marilyn Dall, Sheryl Lynn Davenport, Scott Davis, Daniel M. Dechene, Constance Demers, Ron E. Demers, Linda Denonville, Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, Patricia Duguay, Charles W. Dulac, Brian Durgin, Steven F. Eastman.

Also, Richard Edward, Robin Eustis, Kathleen Farris, Nancy Field, Carol Fitzwater, Susan D. Flynn, Jeffrey G. Fogg, Peter Fogg, Paul R. Foster, Kevin W. Freeman, Ronald B. Gagnon, Joe Gardner, Gloria George, Beth Gideon, Thomas M. Givens, Kelly Glover, Darla Goding.

Also, Wayne A. Goodwin, Jennifer L. Gorey, Jeff Goulding, Lori Goulding, Sonia Grenier, Andre R. Grimard, Angela Grondin, Kelly Gutshall, Charlotte Hackett, Kathleen Hackett, Lucien Hamel, Peter V. Hamlin, Robert H. Hammond, Paula Hardy, Carol Harper.

Also, Wendy M. Hawley, Christina Herrick, George A. Hess, Judy Holbrook, John R. Horsman, James C. Hudson, Kathy Hunnewell, Heidi A. Ingraham, Scott R. Jacques, Brian J. Jeffo, Donna Johnston, Laurie L. Jones, Albert Kaechele, Donald Keough, Rachelle J. Labonte.

Also, Mike Labrecque, Janet A. Labrie, James S. Laflamme, Frederick Lange, Janet Lawrence, Cynthia Leavitt, Lori Leavitt, Cathy Lee, Carol-Ann Leighton, Lisa Lessard, Mark B. Lessard, Henry Levasseur, Charles Levesque, Mike Levey, Arlene Libby, Gordon Libby, Donald Linscott, Scott Macdonald.

Also, Sheila Macie, Roger Malcolm, Lisa Manson, Joan Marshall, Gregory Massey, Jean McAllister, Michael McCarron, Geoffrey McGuire, Natalie Mendenhall, Timothy Messer, Michelle Meunier, Jerry Mills, David F. Mooney, Rachel J. Morin, Robert H. Morin.

Also, James Noble, Dianne Obie, Daniel W. Paine, Mary Parkin, Jeannie Pelletier, John Pelletier, Paul G.R. Pelletier, Catherine R. Peterlein, Stacey J. Plummer, Julie A. Pollard, Pauline M.L. Poulin, Suzanne Powers, Chris Radike, Dianna Radomski, David Ranno, Gregory F. Remson.

Also, Debbie Reynolds, Doreen E. Ring, Tina Rivard, Terrence R. Robichaud, Steve Rodrigue, David S. Rogers, Phillip G. Rogers, Debra J. Rose, Donald L. Rose, Susan Russell, Corey Sawyer, Scott K. Sawyer, Charlotte L. Sayers, Joe Scarano, Joe Schofield.

Also, Tammy Shaw, Ted H. Sidelinger, Laurie A. Simpson, Sandra Sirois, Michael B. Skinner, Lori L. Sleeper, Michael F. Small, Brenda Smith, Jim Smith, Thomas R. Snowe, Ann Spugnardi, Tammi Starks, Scott C. Stimson, James Tarr, David J. Taylor, Bonnie D. Thomas.

Also, David M. Tibbetts, Kristen Turner, Julie A. Vachon, Ken Vautour, Theodore L. Violette, Dean L. Ward, Dennis Westleigh, Wendy L. Willette, Paula S. Willey, Timothy J. Williams, Scott Wilson, Linda L. Yates, Steve Yates, Craig Young, Julie M. Young.

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