AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in February.

B & M Developers, 75 Hickory Drive, construct single-family dwelling as proposed by plan, $200,000.

Skip Estes, 97-99 Lake Auburn Ave., construct two, 12- by 16-foot decks with stairs, $6,000.

Bert Chasse, 37 Barton Ave., alter unit #1 front, interior, non-load bearing partitions, $15,000.

Henry and Carol Beaudoin, 35 Linden St., enclose existing front and rear porch area, $5,000.

Martha Schenk, 321 West Auburn Road, construct master suite above garage, $20,000.

Gerald Morin, 1070 Old Danville Road, construct 15- by 24-foot sunroom on existing deck.

Susan Nattress, 182 Whitney St., remodel kitchen as proposed by plan, $14,000.

Almighty Waste/George Schott, 985 Turner St., demolish existing structure, $20,000.

Charles Barlett, 337 Holbrook Road, demolish existing shed and detached garage, $10,000.

Lee and Stephanie Upton, 147 East Shore Road, demolish existing structure, $2,000.

Mike Marquis, 27 Baxter Ave., demolish 12- by 18-foot residential garage, $8,000.

Mike Bosserman and Jocelyne Deras, 7 Trapp Road, new single-family modular (ranch), no deck, $80,000.

Dave and Jim Sargent, 636 North River Road, two-story addition on frostwall, $45,000.

MTM Property Management, 18 Brookside Circle, reinforcement of existing deck, $4,000.

Rob Labarbera, 10 Willow, frame in existing garage door opening, $500.

Thomas Moser Cabinet Makers, 72 Wrights Landing, office fit out in new addition, $100,000.

Dan Boutin, 120 Center St., lease space 109, renovation of space for retail use, $27,000.

Auburn Crossing LLC, 792 Kittyhawk Ave., foundation only, new single-story commercial structure, $85,000.

H. E. Callahan Construction, 2664 Turner Road, replace front entry door assembly, $5,500.

Bruce Adams/Reed Party Stores, 120 Center St., expansion of existing retail space, $10,000.

Charles Curry, 166 Center St., install countertops and ceiling in walk-in cooler only, $930.

Godspeed LLC, 30 Belgrade Ave./1400 Hotel Road, addition of 800-square-foot office space, $22,000.

Village Farms LLC/Fishery, 250 Center St., walk-in cooler, $1,000.

Christopher and Banks, Inc., 550 Center St., space #1108, tenant fit out, $150,000.

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