After reading Phillip Webber Sr.’s letter to the editor (Tuesday, March 21) I had to respond.

Webber states that “all” teachers are arrogant, overpaid, underworked and a bunch of “whiners.” This tirade from Webber apparently came after he attended a meeting on March 16 where two teachers made public comments. I’m not sure what exactly these two teachers said to cause such ire and disgust, but to attack “all” teachers as incompetent – and worse – is not only ignorant, but flat wrong.

I have a son and daughter-in-law who are teachers and my youngest child is studying to be a teacher. So I know a little about teachers firsthand.

Starting pay for teachers is very modest (in the low $20,000s). Considering the scope of education required and the responsibility entailed, teachers are a bargain. They certainly are not in this profession for the money. Even with summers off, more teachers must work another job during those months to make ends meet.

How many times have we heard how a teacher made a life-changing impact on an individual?

Webber should not scold and belittle all teachers because of his frustrations.

He ended his letter by attacking the “mixed-up children of today.” How is his generation so much better? Of course this also deserves a rebuttal, but another day, another time. For now all I can say is: Shame on him.

Mike Grover, Greene