I am writing to express my family’s true appreciation for all the support, help and prayers we have received. Many in our community have heard that my sister, Pamela Fleury (Cox), was recently diagnosed with cancer. There was an article in the Sun Journal on March 24.

It amazes us all at the amount of prayers, phone calls, visits and help offered from everyone in the surrounding area. When I came home from out of state to help care for Pam, I could not believe the number of people who cared enough to donate – not only money, but time, help, supplies and prayers. It has made me prouder than ever to say that I am from Maine.

For anyone who decides to leave this area, I hope they realize just what they are leaving behind, not just a small town, but a community filled with selfless, compassionate friends.

Pam is continuing to heal and is getting stronger every day. Our family just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Erin Cox,Wasilla, Alaska