NORWAY – The Guy E. Rowe Elementary School has announced its second trimester honor roll.

Grade four

High honors: Abby Bennett, Emily Fagan, Kelynn Laliberte, Reed McLean, Ben Morton, Ashley O’Neil, Kelcey Robichaud.

Honors: Brandon Ackerman, Christian Burns, Hayley Jo Cummings, Kyleigh Dobbins, Sam Donatelli, Alyssa Emerson, Kyle Emerson, Walter Feeney, Joseph Ferracci, Greta Giasson, Sholie Hanscom, Jenna Hutchinson, Tristan Kilgore, Paige Kimball, Will Kyle.

Also, Jarryn Longley, Matt Michaud, Brandon Norton, Amber Pearson, Amy Peet, Shania Pike, Joseph Prestia, Mykaela Roy, Frankee Timberlake, Devon Vance, Dayton Westleigh, Christopher Whittemore, Jonah Williams, Ashley Woodruff.

Grade five

High honors: Alyssa Andrews, Justin Demaio, Autumn Kish, Adam Nolan, Kolby Robichaud.

Honors: Ashley Blake, Jeffrey Carlin, Colin Chase, Brittany Crowninshield, Brooklyn Cunningham, Ryan Fagan, Devin Foster, Natashia Fraser-Wordell, John Frechette, Ryan Godin, Coty Herrick, Miranda Levesque, Heidi Ortiz, Meredith Potter, Libby Sanborn, Marcus Williams.

Grade six

High honors: Mimi Baumhoff, Laura Farr, Benin Laliberte, Abby Morton, Chris Williams, Alyssa Wyman.

Honors: Danielle Allen, Daniel Costanzi, Christian Cummings, Kane Daly, Taylor Dillingham, Dylan Hadley, Deric Hanscom, Dominique Hutchins, Kyle Johnson, Lacey Landry, Chelsea Lathrop.

Also, Vincent Levesque, Nick Michaud, Daniel Noble, Autumn Potter, Whitney Roberts, Logan Sanborn, Harrison Turner, Ian Vail, Alex Ward, Cody Wilson, Megen Wright.

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