I was very upset to read the article concerning the healing power of prayer in the March 31 issue. The article stated that not only was prayer not helpful, but in one group of patients it was actually harmful.

I refuse to believe the results of this study.

I have seen firsthand the power of prayer too many times to count. According to medical experts, at least three people in my immediate family should not be alive today. Although medical support played an important part, I believe in my heart that love and prayers of others had an impact as well.

It is unfathomable to me that somebody would spend $2.4 million on a study, which really in the end proves nothing. They chose one small group of people who had all experienced the same medical procedure, which I do not consider to be a fair sample of the millions of people who are prayed for every day.

The article also stated that the people who prayed for the patients were strangers. How would the results of the study change if those praying were loved ones or community prayer chains? There are some things science can simply not measure or document.

I will continue to pray for my loved ones, and I think I speak for many people rooted in their faith in saying that I believe these prayers have a positive effect.

Rita Cyr, Lewiston