This is in reference to the Sun Journal item April 6 titled “Reddington wind farm has deal to sell power” and the photo on the front page that accompanied that article. The caption beneath the photo, “Wind turbines sit idle …” illustrates a basic fact that the proponents of wind power fail to mention in their descriptions of the project proposed for the western mountains of our state.

Often quoted by the supporters is the claim that these wind mills will generate enough power to supply 44,000 homes. That might be true, when there is sufficient wind which, we all know, is not 100 percent of the time. Conventional power generation must be available and running on line in order to assure continuous and reliable power.

Wind power undoubtedly has a place in our demand for more and more electric power, but not at the expense of the natural features and beauty of our western mountains.

Other sites that are not so prominent are certainly available in Maine – off-shore, uninhabited islands or the vast flatter acres in eastern Maine.

An application for a project to erect 30 wind turbines atop two of our most scenic mountains in Franklin County is about to be reviewed by the Land Use Regulation Commission. That application must be denied.

Burton Weymouth, Farmington