Dear Sun Spots: My company is getting ready to celebrate its 20th birthday, and we are planning a party. We are interested in having pony rides but don’t know of anyone doing that. The date is April 29 in Lewiston. If anyone would could help me out, please contact Barbara at 577-6020. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Last year, I played in the band for the musical “Grease,” which was put on by Lewiston High School. We were able to order a DVD of the performance and have enjoyed it many times since than.

My DVD developed a crack and won’t play any more. I’m curious if someone might have a copy and be willing to make me one, since I don’t have a DVD burner. I will gladly pay them. I can be reached at 792-5725. – Mark Pendleton, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: The Edward Little Class of 1971 will be holding its 35th class reunion in October. We would like to reach as many class members as possible and update our address list so that this event will be a fun gathering. Please send your current information to either [email protected] or [email protected] We would also like to honor and remember classmates who are no longer with us. If a family member or friend graduated in 1971 and you would like us to remember them, please let us know so we can honor their memory. – Kathy Theriault Talpey, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know how and where to dispose of used batteries in Auburn. When daylight-saving time ended last fall and I changed my batteries, I put the used 9-volt batteries out with my other recycling material in a clearly marked paper bag, and they were left in my box. If you can find the answer, I will be grateful to you. – Harold Andrews, Auburn.

Answer: Sun Spots checked with your public works department, which said they don’t recycle batteries, and you can place them in your regular trash for pickup – with some exceptions. Older batteries should be checked for proper disposal since they may contain mercury or other toxic materials. Rechargeable batteries (nickel metal-hydride, nickel cadmium and lithium ion) used in power tools, laptop computers and other devices need special handling, as well.

The state of Maine is working with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. (RBRC) to keep these items out of landfills, and the service recently has expanded to include unwanted cell phones. There are boxes to drop them off all over the L-A area, including the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility, Radio Shack, U.S. Cellular and Sears. For more information and the address nearest you, visit or

Dear Sun Spots: I read your column every day. What a wonderful service you provide.

I recently picked up a used pocketbook. When I cleaned it out, I found some interesting things. There are some important items that belong(ed) to Isabella and Frank Desimo. Frank was born June 5, 1905. If there are any family members out there who would like to see these items, I can be reached at 890-5673. I suppose I would ask for some proof of identification to be sure they landed in the right hands. Thank you. – S. Bowker, West Paris.

Dear Sun Spots: Good morning. Here I am again looking for your help.

A friend and I have red hats that we no longer use and wondered if perhaps someone in the Red Hat Society might like to purchase them. They are attractive and in very good condition. My phone number is 743-0206. Thanks again. – G. Bailey, Waterford.

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