Springfield hosted the 2006 Annual New England District Key Club Convention over the weekend of March 30. Key Clubs from around the district joined in that one city to discuss current business, educate everyone about new ideas, and just to have some fun with some “Key Clubbers” in this area.

The opening ceremonies commenced on Friday evening with some guest speakers. The new candidates for office were introduced. Afterwards, a casual dance was held, but most of the St. Dom’s students were exhausted and relaxed in the hotel rooms.

On Saturday morning, Katie St. Pierre, Adam Blais, and I auditioned for the talent competition. There were at least 15 acts, and only six could perform that night in front of 2,000 plus people. After a shaky audition, managing with two microphones for three people, we got accepted and were scheduled to sing fifth. We knew that running against the popular district officers that also qualified would not be easy. For the rest of the day, we tried to prepare ourselves vocally by singing and drinking plenty of water.

The banquet arrived very quickly. We got into costume and headed down. The acts were spread out throughout the night in between the awards. The acts had begun and were getting outstanding feedback. The nerves, which already had come upon us, were stronger than ever. When the fourth act was done, we prepared to go onstage. Suddenly, the sixth act was called to perform. Katie, Adam, and I looked at each other. We didn’t realize that this was the best thing that could have happened for us. Getting through some technical difficulties with the switch up in order, their act finished.

“Our next act is from the St. Dominic Regional High School Key Club,” announced the speaker. Cheers from our club and the Lewiston High School club rang in our ears. On stage, with the eyes of every person watching us, we delivered the best performance we could have. The song ended and the crowd cheered in an uproar. The feeling was surreal. At the end of the night, the winners were announced. We had won 1st place along with the invitation to compete at the international convention in Boston this July!

This convention was amazing. St. Dom’s also got many other awards: In the gold division we placed second for the Annual Achievement Report, second for the Monthly Report, and third for the Major Emphasis Project. St. Dom’s, although a very small school, gave a respectable $2000 to the District Project Donation. Needless to say, the St. Dominic RHS Key Club, with the help of the advisors, Mrs. Kelly Angell, Mr. Jose Peralta, and Mr. Ronald Girouard, made its school very proud.