JAY – Jay High School has announced the third-quarter honor roll.


High honors: Chelsea Buck, Trent Paradis.

Honors: Brandie Davis, Rondell Deering, Elizabeth Hebert, Nicholas Hutchins, Kyle Wells.


High honors: Anna LeBlanc.

Honors: Jessica Boulay, Desiree Castonguay, Ashley Doughty, Melinda Farrington, Logan Frey, Joseph Gagnon, Samantha Johnson, Kyle Lewis, Conrad Rier.


Honors: Curtis Cloutier, Cameron Fry, Michael Holland, Nikol Kostopoulos, Katlyn Morin, Shayla Poulin, Maggie Richards, Brittany Shardlow, Morgan Turner, Kaitlin Webster.


High honors: Megan Frey, Katie Hall.

Honors: Joshua Allison, Bianca Bourgault, Alana Davis, Cassandra Frechette, Zachary Lacroix, Liz LeBlanc, Amanda LeGault, Bryndi Richards, Devin Rose.

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