JERUSALEM (AP) – He never got an invitation and he certainly didn’t R.S.V.P., but that didn’t stop Will Smith from crashing Atir Cohen’s bar mitzvah at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

Cohen, 13, was deep into his Torah reading Thursday when he heard shouting and saw girls pushing against the barrier separating men from women at the holy site to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood superstar.

“At first I didn’t know who it was,” Cohen said. Smith compensated for the interruption by shaking the bar mitzvah boy’s hand and posing for a picture with him.

Surrounded by a security detail, Smith approached the wall and put a note in the cracks in keeping with tradition.

Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, then took a tour of an excavated tunnel alongside the wall. The tour leader was Shmuel Rabinovitch, chief rabbi of the holy site, who said the couple took notes and spent several minutes praying.

“He is a very nice man, he was very excited and showed his emotions,” he said.

Smith, star of the “Men in Black” movies, and his actress-wife later visited the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulcher, built on the site where many Christians believe that Jesus was crucified.

LONDON (AP) – A judge ordered rocker Pete Doherty to attend an 18-month drug rehabilitation program Thursday and placed him on two years’ probation.

Judge Jane McIvor also banned the 27-year-old Babyshambles frontman from driving for six months because of drug possession.

Doherty had pleaded guilty last month to seven charges of possessing drugs including heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana, which police said they found when he was stopped once in December and once in January.

Prosecutors noted the rocker’s flippant – yet open – demeanor when he was arrested Dec. 18, one of a long line of run-ins with police.

Court documents said that when police found plastic bags of crack cocaine in his right sock, Doherty told officers: “I didn’t think I had it in there.”

McIvor told Doherty she would adhere to his pre-planned drug rehabilitation regimen, choosing the dates of his court-ordered drug tests around his lengthy tour schedule.

“It’s a long, slow process, but you are showing sufficient signs of compliance and effort,” McIvor said. She noted that Doherty hadn’t been arrested for drugs since Jan. 14.

Doherty arrived at Thames Magistrates’ Court in a leather jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers instead of his customary wrinkled suit and matching fedora. He was mobbed by reporters and fans when he left court, and police hurried him into a taxi.

His drug problems gained international attention after a newspaper published pictures last year of then-girlfriend Kate Moss allegedly using cocaine at a music studio where Doherty and Babyshambles were recording.

In early February, another judge imposed a 12-month community service order and required Doherty to submit to regular drug tests.

Doherty missed a separate, court-ordered drug review April 12 after he was unable to return from Paris, where Babyshambles had played a concert, his representatives said. That case was adjourned until May.

MIAMI (AP) – An invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she participated in a sex video with Scott Stapp and Kid Rock was dismissed by a judge who said the woman cannot sue if she remains anonymous.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Gerald Hubbart on Wednesday told a lawyer for the woman, identified only as “Jane Doe” in court papers, that she could refile the lawsuit within 20 days if she is willing to have her real name included.

“There’s no showing on why the claim should be allowed to proceed under a fictitious name,” Hubbart said.

The woman claimed in the lawsuit that she was the “star” of a group of women who appear in the video with Kid Rock and Stapp. The lawsuit sought to prevent sale of the video and unspecified damages. It named distributor World Wide Red Light District and Stapp as defendants, but not Kid Rock.

Stapp and Kid Rock have won a temporary court order in Michigan preventing World Wide from distributing it or promoting any part of the 1999 video, which the former Creed singer contends was stolen. Red Light had previously shown a 40-second preview clip on its Web site.

World Wide lawyer Thomas Julin said the woman has no claim because “she’s not a child, she’s not abused. She can’t claim invasion of privacy because this tape was made in the presence of others.”

The woman’s attorney, Dawn Ausenanger, said her client had been assured the tape would be kept private and that she has already been stigmatized.

“She’s not a celebrity. She’s not a public figure. She was promised there would never be any intentional commercial use or profit made from the tape,” Ausenanger said.

HONG KONG (AP) – Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Alan Tam and other Hong Kong entertainers will record a pop song to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics, an assistant to Tam said.

The song, titled “Olympics Beijing,” is separate from the official theme song for the 2008 Games, the assistant, who only gave her surname, Lam, told The Associated Press on Thursday.

She said the Mandarin-language song, written by Eddie Ng, will be aired in China. It was unclear if the song would be released on CD.

Lam said Chan has signed on for the project but hasn’t recorded his part yet. Others who have already completed their portions are Lau, Tam, Hacken Lee, Shirley Kwan, Andy Hui, William So and Jordan Chan, she said.

Other big names in the entertainment industry are involved with the Beijing Olympics, a major source of pride for the Chinese.

Famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou will oversee the design of the opening and closing ceremonies. American director Steven Spielberg has also signed on as a consultant for the two ceremonies.

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) – Colombian rock star Juanes performed at the European Parliament as part of his campaign against land mines.

Juanes, 33, was the first musician invited to perform in the auditorium, which is usually reserved for EU parliamentarians and world leaders.

He sang five songs, including “Pay Attention Where You Step,” to support the EU’s campaign for a mine-free world and to raise awareness about the devastation caused in his homeland.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to use music as a weapon of peace, to get across my message,” he told reporters before Wednesday’s concert.

“The situation in Colombia is extremely difficult. It’s not just a military problem, it’s a social problem as well. Many children are affected,” said Juanes, dressed in a black jacket and a black T-shirt. “I can’t see a short-term solution. Thinking of a mine-clearance program is illusory before the armed conflict is solved.”

Thousands of people have been killed by land mines in the past 15 years in Colombia, with a record 1,070 deaths last year, giving the South American country the world’s highest number of land-mine deaths for 2005, according to the Colombian government’s Land Mine Observatory.

In 2004, Colombia was third, after Angola and Afghanistan, it said.

Colombia – which has been divided by conflict among leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitaries and the army – stopped making land mines in 1997 and began removing them from areas surrounding 33 military bases. Warring parties, however, continue to lay more.

The EU is a key world donor in the fight against land mines. Last month, the European Commission adopted a $21.4 million program to help affected countries.

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VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Sharon Stone will attend the 14th annual Life Ball, a charity gala dedicated to fighting AIDS.

The 48-year-old actress will attend the May 20 event as a representative of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Austrian Press Agency reported Wednesday.

The Life Ball is known for the extravagant costumes worn by its guests. Last year, the ball featured appearances by Liza Minnelli, Elton John, Heidi Klum and Donatella Versace. The event raised $1.26 million, organizers said.

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