NORWAY – A follow-up event of the One Book One Community Program will be a stamp-making and letterboxing workshop at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 6, at Norway Memorial Library.

Letterboxing is a mix of treasure hunt, navigation and exploring interesting places. The activity encourages individuals and families to get outside, find clues and follow them to a specified location. Once the location is found, there is a waterproof container (the letterbox), which holds a stamp and small notebook.

“Letterboxers” bring their own personal stamps and small notebooks to exchange stamps and messages of their own.

During May, letterboxes will be hidden in eight towns of Oxford Hills. The clues for finding the boxes will be placed in a library or other public location in each town.

The letterboxes will remain hidden throughout the summer, and the names of those who locate and visit all the boxes will be entered into a raffle for a special prize to be awarded shortly before Labor Day.

Those attending the Saturday workshop will make their own stamp, learn more about letterboxing and find out which of the Oxford Hills towns are participating. Preregistration is required. Call 743-5309 for details.

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