I’m writing in response to the article April 25 about how Lewiston’s schools are at capacity.

The opening statements in that article were misleading, inflammatory, and not even supported in the article.

The story made it appear that there are so many new Somali children in the Lewiston schools that “every school building in Lewiston has run out of room.”

Every building in Lewiston?

My son’s class in Montello Elementary has 16 kids, and only one or two Somali kids. Perhaps, what the story really meant is that the Multi-Purpose Center and Longley School are overcrowded. That makes more sense.

The way it was written I can see the potential backlash; the problem being framed as seniors being crowded out by children of the Somali community.

Is that what was intended?

Brenda Akers, Lewiston

Editor’s note: The information regarding the overcrowded classrooms in Lewiston was attributed directly to Lewiston Supt. Leon Levesque.